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  1. What’s the best viewing spot let’s say within 30 minutes of universal studios ?

  2. Probably somewhere on Mulholland

  3. On the last launch it was much lower on the horizon than I expected

  4. depends on a bunch of factors, including where you are viewing from

  5. Exactly the natural habitat the Weissach engineers designed it to be in. #smh

  6. It’s a development car. There was probably an engineer driving it.

  7. Rocket launch from Vandenberg at midnight tonight, I’ll be lookin!

  8. where does one go to view something like this? or do you mean you're watching the stream?

  9. I’m gonna watch the stream from my phone from a block south of my apartment where I can see a good chunk of western sky.

  10. It sounds absolutely insane. So much mechanical whine and whoosh. I have a couple vids I’ll post on my IG.

  11. Just enter the info on a site like carvana, it’ll ask what you owe and what’s the buyout. If there’s a difference they’ll pick up the car and cut you a check.

  12. I had to flip my up/down axis for some reason but otherwise I’ve been enjoying the hell out of it.

  13. Back in the 90s there was Crazy Cross Guy, dude dressed like Jesus and would drag a giant cross all over Burbank. He was cheating though, his cross had a little wheel on the bottom.

  14. I’ve seen him dragging his cross on the Venice boardwalk.

  15. Christian dude who dances at intersections while holding a cross.

  16. Came here to find him. A fixture but he seems to rove a bit.

  17. Today i will drive to Long Beach for a focus group. 🤘

  18. I do love a stone wall, this is very nice.

  19. To me this is the line between an actual enthusiast and someone who is just enthusiastic about cars.

  20. If you’re into Wagyu, my friend slangs wholesale Wagyu cuts from weho but he delivers too

  21. Eh. I don't necessarily enjoy the 100+ weather but I loathe the cold of winter, even our "California cold" winters. I'll take hot over cold any day.

  22. Chores and chillin today, love Sunday.

  23. Damn, i thought our 110 was bad in LA. Their 110 is much worse 🤣

  24. It’s a movie filming. They were doing intermittent traffic holds on SMB and I got stuck for about 10 min while a massive cinema drone filmed a helicopter taking off and doing maneuvers in between some buildings.

  25. I worked for them for 2 months in late 2018. I knew things were going down the drain when the free breakfast burritos stopped arriving.

  26. A cheat code for layovers and higher prices maybe.

  27. I take the once daily flight on JetBlue to nyc and I’m happy to pay a little more to not have to go to LAX.

  28. Is it triangular enough? Are the seats uncomfortable? If so, then he would probably love it 🤣

  29. Someone said “Delorean mixed with speed racer” and I thought that was spot on

  30. The multi-colored panels were something my girlfriend didn't like about them and when I told her they all had it she only wanted a black one...until the dealership down the street had a grey one in stock.

  31. Interesting, not sure if I’ve seen grey. Silver?

  32. Nope. I believe "Mineral Grey" is the correct color name.

  33. Just googled it, that’s nice. Worst is white in terms of the black panels being obvious.

  34. Who the hell lays in bed without a sheet???

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