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  1. Take your time, try a few things you are interested in, school isn't as important as dependability and consistency. I have worked with highly educated idiots and uneducated geniuses. There is no timeline these days. It is not like fifty years ago where you picked a career and were stuck there for life. I was in the same place at one time, and I joined the military so that I could put off decisions for a while. Not my recommendation, but another option.

  2. I am not in your field at all, but I have moved on from several jobs in the past. It all boils down to your happiness. I've worked with people who felt trapped in their careers and ended up actually killing themselves over it. Your irl dad is simply from a different generation, I'm guessing. In the recent past, people often had one job their entire life, and looking for better was unheard of, look to your friends and family, and look at how many jobs the younger folks have in comparison to the older generations, and don't be too hard on the old guy.

  3. I bet their names are Julie, Andrew and Peter and they work at a call center getting gift cards from the elderly.

  4. Just a slice of American cheese, it totally changes the flavor and texture

  5. Raising Arizona. Best dialogue of any movie ever

  6. Wow! I don't think that anyone actually understood your point. They're all defending the debating. But then again this is Reddit. They are assuming that you are saying don't read the Bible, don't study it, don't use your brain.

  7. Perhaps my frustration is with people that do nothing but debate rather than doing anything remotely Christlike. I have long been associated with a denomination that focused on chapter and verses rather than their fellow man and it eventually led to me leaving due to utter frustration. I still enjoy studying, but I also love people. There is nothing wrong with study as long as there is application of the knowledge.

  8. You can, believe. Read what he said, and do what he did, it's that simple.

  9. Actually Muslims are Christians in a sense, so come on brother

  10. Enrolled native white man here, I was raised in a city far from any tribal identity, my dad was raised in the same city at a time when being native was viewed very negatively. I had no connection to my tribe until an uncle talked to me about it and convinced me that I wasn't posing by enrolling, even though I knew nothing of the culture. If anything I have learned that native tribes might have to accept that us "lost ones" are a part of their history now and if they don't accept us, they are also a part of the machine that sought to destroy native tribes for so long. We are native, and if anything perhaps we lost more than some of those that were able to stay connected to homelands and cultural identity. I have since being enrolled worked with several tribes and native people, and seen the good, bad, and ugly of tribal life, and sometimes feel blessed to have been able to see a wider scope than some reservation dwellers. Enough rambling, and if nothing else, know that Joe loves you.

  11. What do a pedophile and a tortoise have in common?

  12. Battlefield Earth. One of my favorite books, made into the worst film ever

  13. Walmart and most hardware stores with a key grinder will also sell replacement cases for the fob. You can just change the internals from yours into a new case

  14. I feel that too many literalists try to read the Bible as a earth history, when imo it is the history of God's relationship with his creation. Reading Genesis, if you pay attention to the actual words, it states clearly that the earth brought forth plants and the sea brought forth all manner of creepy crawlers. And that, my friends, sounds a lot like evolution to me.

  15. Oh and I think that the Earth's age is billions of years old

  16. Learning to be the Light by Newworldson. I think it has a lot of great points about what Christianity should be

  17. If you are into youtube. The ten minute bible hour is a great channel to watch. He breaks things down to basics very well

  18. Looks like maybe you have a buried heating oil tank, one would be to fill it, the second would be a vent, not positive though

  19. My opinion as a Christian is that it is not our business to dictate how society behaves. We are called to be an example, that city on a hill, not to shape the world as we think it should be. We are called to live in the world but not be of the world. If there are no abortions because some men in suits outlawed them, no one wins. If there are none because more Christians lived the example we are called to live, and people made the moral decision not to abort the pregnancy, then everyone wins.

  20. It looks like crayfish mounds. What it would be doing that far north is beyond me

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