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Peach Cosplay! Will probably get a lot of hate on here lmao

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  1. Did the same and just got mine today. I didn’t realize it had a poster and a illustration book. Pretty happy with it!

  2. When the Bidoof is your camera man.

  3. Mega man x3 that I got in a 4 game lot for $131 last year

  4. Metal Gear Solid clone of Waluigi trying to break into Nintendo headquarters and steal codes to add himself into SSB.

  5. I preordered at Best Buy and it got delayed slightly but finally was able to pick it up today. there were no more on the shelves but plenty of green splatoon boys. A few of the squid twins, but zero minecraft. I went to a gamestop down the road and they had a bunch of minecraft and no squids.

  6. I saw an open box set at an anime convention for $119 usd this past weekend. First I’ve seen them since release.

  7. Bought Blasphamous new and they sent it to me opened and without the digital code. I complained and they refunded it completely and let me keep the game.

  8. I bought a “physical” game that was just an empty box and a code. I don’t know why I did it but I won’t be doing it again.

  9. Just picked up Dedede yesterday at GameStop. The sticker was in the exact same place as yours so maybe they’re doing that on purpose? It peeled off easy and didn’t leave residue so I’m happy.

  10. Megaman 5 for the gameboy. It’s almost complete except the manual.

  11. My immediate thought was the polar bear saying “Bonjour”

  12. My kids will be offered them under the condition that they create a shrine and never sell them. If they refuse I will have the collection buried with me and request that my wife create a geocache for them.

  13. I got a “new” copy of blasphemy on switch sent to me. So new that they forgot to include the map and download code 🙄. I complained and the best they could do is refund.

  14. I had to stop playing it not only because the story, but the voice acting and repetitive lines. “I am ready.” “I am ready.” “I am ready.” Uggghhh

  15. I got this when I was a kid and used to always think it was terrible. Thankfully I kept it and the box so it’s now my most valuable game.

  16. N64 with bomberman. Unfortunately someone stole them a few months later.

  17. When I was in internal audit my director told us exit interviews are to protect the company.

  18. If it’s yellow let it mellow. If it’s brown flush it down. Wait wrong thing.

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