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Wife Strips Down After Finding Bug in Her Dress

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  1. This is a scripted video 100%. Her reactions and acting are terrible. Here are the original videos they are copying. With GENUINE reactions and not acting.

  2. it can only happen to one person. Thats the rule.

  3. Personally, I love when this stuff happens because I am a parent and can relate but I hate Karma whores. These people are doing this for attention and internet fame and people who have no ability to distinguish between reality and scripted gifs eat it right up. Bon appetite!

  4. What if she is just the biggest troll ever leading all these idiots into harms way? I mean I know she's not but its funny to think about.

  5. Im gonna buy puts when it hits +15% tomorrow morning. Good luck!

  6. Nepotism or not these dudes made a killer song. I still jam to this shit. I would still pay at least 50 for a ticket with them and Static X on the bill.

  7. Fucking Taco Bell, god damn I cant say how many times Ive said, " Im done with Taco Bell for good this time."

  8. My favorite part is the utter calm by the dad. This is either a regular event or he pranked her lol.

  9. As the husband to a wife that freaks out about bugs, he is over it 😂

  10. Jesus fuck. Not only are you stupid for buying short OTM calls, you didnt even buy any fucking shares. You deserve to lose that money and you will.

  11. and shitting his pants while being choked out. I will never not mention that.

  12. Just because it is pretty relevant, Gene Lebell just died. RIP

  13. Gene Lebell just died. Sad. But at least we will always have the memory of him choking out Steven Seagal and making him shit his pants. RIP Gene.

  14. I'm not voting trump but shit like this makes me think twice. Desantis has my first vote. It's between him and trump and I'll vote for either. How much you wanna bet nothing happens and the government just wasted all of our tax dollars for nothing. You would think you guys would learn your lesson with misinformation or at least get good at it with how often the left does it.

  15. That’s Pipi the Pimmel! He teaches children about love and sexuality at a young age in some countries in Europe.

  16. This is why I love the internet.

  17. If I dont itemize, what the fuck are they gonna audit?

  18. "The new EV tax credits, which would expire at the end of 2032, would be limited to trucks, vans and SUVs with suggested retail prices of no more than $80,000 and to cars priced at no more than $55,000. They would be limited to families with adjusted gross incomes of up to $300,000 annually."

  19. I hope they don't believe they just solved a problem. If anything they just created a bigger one. Diplomacy is the only true path to a peaceful existence. Outreach and willingness to compromise can begin to heal but this just widens the gap. Sad.

  20. Yah need to know this because they are all awesome.

  21. What the fuck?! This is the second meme today that used "shouldn't of" instead of "shouldn't have". I swear y'all make me feel really bad for the future.

  22. Common misunderstanding but like in roidrage, the steroids are the cause of the rage. With boomerage, the boomers are the cause of the rage not that the man with the boomerang was a boomer.

  23. I thought he was speaking about hemorrhoids, but I guess that would be rhoidrage.

  24. The problem isn't that she was caught and arrested. The problem lies in her sentencing. Imagine if someone in the US were sentenced to 8 years for a vape pen. Thats what has happened. A Russian would not have received the same harsh sentence. It is literally just Putin trying to leverage for a terrorist arms dealer. She is honestly lucky she isnt being charged with something much worse and being sentenced to death because Putin is a crazy person that would actually do that.

  25. Its too bad Musk's cars actually suck ass and the Lucid Air is a fantastic vehicle. I feel like there is a reason the company that churns out vehicles and surpasses estimates has shittier vehicles but I cant quite put my stinkfinger on it.

  26. This is how you create very angry widowers.

  27. Yeah it really depends on what parts of the brain they shared. Humans can lose like, half their brain and still have relatively normal life

  28. I dont know man, Im pretty sure there are people in Florida with no brains at all and they seem to be doing just fine.

  29. I mean c'mon, he did it. He is still the GOAT, but he did it.

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