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  1. I think Lorne should be in those seasons but he should have been given more to do.

  2. what was the point of him being promoted to main if he wasn't gonna have a big role?

  3. It was originally a blooper because Anthony Stewart Head accidentally laughed and Whedon & Co. kept it in cause it was meant to serve as a response from the audience laughing at all the ridiculous shit that happened in s6

  4. Oh yeah many of them would be great in a Scream film! Sadie for sure, def can see Joe Keery. Also Winona Ryder for Leslie Macher all day

  5. omg Winona as Stus sister sounds perfect

  6. Millie Bobby Brown would bring some viewers in if she was say the opening kill of 7.

  7. Season 4 was definitely worse, season 5s writing was so much better

  8. Season 4 has This Year's Girl and Who Are You which are miles better than majority of season 5

  9. Dead. She tripped and fell on her own sword.

  10. She basically called herself a cockroach.

  11. I think creed actually put together the whole soundtrack for Scream 3 if I remember correctly.

  12. David Arquette even had a cameo as Dewey in the What If music video

  13. as well as Roger Jackson and Ghostface

  14. she ssid shes gonna pick up some food it was for Mike

  15. I wouldn’t be comfortable to go that far. There’s nothing “on record” (from memory) to strictly support that interpretation.

  16. Well if I remember correctly Willow and Tara had their first on screen kiss in 2001 a couple months before the famous Xena and Gabby kiss in A Friend in Need part 2

  17. Pretty Little Liars dealt with a similar situation. There was more controversy over the lesbian relationship than the fact there was an adult male teacher dating his underage student.

  18. Halloween. I like a lot of the sequels, even love, but I’d rather it just have been an anthology series.

  19. the anthology series would have flopped.

  20. I feel like these are worlds that could easily flow with each other for the most part. Lucas and Tristan could be twins separated at birth as a way to somewhat bridge that gap. Dan could have sent him away to Hartford as yet another way to get back at Karen.

  21. do you think Hep Alien would audition at Peytons label

  22. I definitely think they would! I also wonder if they'd tie in Gil's past of being a professional musician into the Ellie storyline (Peyton's biological mother) with her or Peyton's bio father performing with him or knowing him etc. What do you think?

  23. and I'd love to see Gil and Peyton interact! Love him

  24. Scream 6 isn’t gonna happen at all without Neve. Lol Plain and simple. Neve releasing a statement was the ace in her pocket. It’s her trump card. She goes public with salary disputes and they still release it? It bombs. I’m sure they’ve made a new deal by now. But I would assume that would mean Neve will have to make a public statement again. Or they will include her in the trailer as the announcement that they reached the deal. They can’t afford bad press on a movie franchise they are trying to revive lol

  25. It did unfortunately interrupt the Darla arc, and I adore her performance as a human (she's so much more interesting having a soul and still doing some of the evil that she does, but that's another topic)... but Angel's constant broodiness gets tiresome after a few episodes. I really love the light and silly episodes. David Boreanaz does it well.

  26. i know but the constant bickering between Gunn and Angel was repetitive

  27. That whole episode was so stupid and a waste of time. It ruined a perfectly great stretch episodes and interrupted the Darla arc

  28. She's just below Xena in fighting level imo. She was trained by Xena and by Ares.

  29. Varia was talented, but far too prone to her emotions / anger to come close to Xena. Xena was able to channel her anger as a cold and calculated ruthlessness in battle.

  30. Do you think Varia was similar to Callisto in the first two seasons?

  31. I loved that they used it again when Sid entered Stu's house in 5.

  32. I just realized something that his live camera was still streaming after he hit the porch dead.

  33. Ashley and Tyler were soooo close their friendship is my favourite thing ever

  34. and they're both the bi representations of the cast!

  35. If anything I hope the tv series is going to be laughed at "they made a Stab series once but it was even worse than the time travel movie" or something.

  36. I was honestly surprised they didn't make a Stab TV series

  37. Oh definitely the one from Anne! That shot is brilliant, I loved that circling camerawork, and her pose and expression are perfect.

  38. They should have kept it as the "Created by Joss Whedon" shot for the entire series!

  39. Bi guy here, and also on the spectrum. I loved Anya, she is amazing, and I wanted to hug her. Oz and his chill attitude, plus redhead dudes. I am also Team Jonathan all the way, and I have hated Andrew on every single re-watch. Nuff said for teen me. For adult me, Wesley Wyndam-Pryce(Ats version), yes please.

  40. I’m a totally heterosexual cis male and even I’ve got a small crush on Christian Kane. He’s a good lookin feller

  41. his singing voice can make anyone blush

  42. I don't remember if we ever see Dennis interact with people, maybe that's harder or even impossible for him? I can only remember him moving objects around.

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