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    'But your not properly autistic, you're not like real autistic people, they make noises for no reason/run out into roads/insert stereotype in box provided.'

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    I would imagine it'd have to be the most moderate of moderates to replace him, given the executive can't even count on the support of all 50 democrat senators anymore.

  3. je97 says:

    Probably not an autism thing, most people I know hate them. For me, showers have two purposes: to get clean and to wake me up. Weak shower doesn't wake me up.

  4. je97 says:

    Well they tend to think I'm snobby because I'm snobby rather for those sorts of reasons.

  5. je97 says:

    I understand the reasoning for the CAZ, however I'm a blind person who isn't exactly swimming in cash who has to take a lot of taxis wherever I go. At least in Rochdale, it appears taxi drivers will be included in this, making already high costs even higher. Part of the conversation that's been missed here is that it'll lead to the further isolation of disabled and elderly communities, more vulnerable people forced to walk home at night etc.

  6. I find that ordering online is better than going into vape shops now. Generally the people you get there aren't vaping experts, and online you can actually read reviews of what you're buying.

  7. je97 says:

    Always right? No, of course not.

  8. the thing that really drives me nuts is anytime somebody makes a post on this site and mentions that their blind and then all of the comments are just "how do you use reddit if you're blind?"

  9. Oh I like that. Loads of people give me upvotes, especially in frontpage discussions.

  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, new out in cinemas this month:

  11. If it helps prevent another child falling through some ridiculously gaping cracks then a good thing imho.

  12. My dad has asked for tools for his birthday, even though he's not a DIY fanatic. He wants to build a woodstore and a wooden structure to put the hot tub in so it's a big project for him.

  13. LPT: If milk tastes off, it's off. You don't need to give it another chance.

  14. A while ago I ordered a box of beer that was apparently being delivered by parcelforce, and the guy updated the tracking to say he'd attempted delivery but we weren't in. Clearly the postman was invisible and driving a magic invisible car, because we have ring cameras set up on the front of the house and even they missed his delivery attempt.

  15. Always worrying when a young player picks that option. If you're injured your body should have all the time it needs; rushing it back will just lead to more problems down the line.

  16. This man truly has no moral compass. I consider myself pretty conservative and this is a disgrace to the ideology he claims to follow: it's time to get rid of the self-serving cabal in government.

  17. As someone who has had to sit through some obvious bullshit interviews to fill some diversity in hiring boxes, let me just point out how insulting it actually feels. I know you're not going to hire me, you know you're not going to hire me, why have you brought me here? It's especially bad given they obviously don't tell you it's a bullshit interview from the start, it just becomes obvious when it's going on.

  18. Unsurprising, he's a rich guy. Not playing the stock market would be surprising. He also likely doesn't manage his own shares.

  19. What do you work as? If you're a hairdresser it'd be pretty difficult, but for shop assistants etc then smile and nod might be the best idea. There's no way of actually stopping customers saying what they think, no manager is going to throw them out for expressing an opinion unless it's a violent one.

  20. Unfortunately not. Just smile and nod, 'uh-huh' and 'Okay.'

  21. I'm not even sure it's an autism thing. When we feel pain our brain floods us with happy feel-good chemicals like endorphins to make us feel better. Hitting your head relatively gently will cause that, especially given that blood supplies rushing to the head can make it spin and go a bit fuzzy.

  22. I guess I'm the exact opposite of you. Reconnecting with friends in person has been a major boost to my social abilities that I lost during the pandemic.

  23. It's killing: it's taking an action that you know has an almost guaranteed chance to end the life.

  24. I think you have to follow the causal chain of events. Say it was a car accident. If that's not the doing of the person pulling the plug I fail to see how they killed the person. The person pulling the plug had nothing to do with the accident that put there person in the coma. Putting them on the plug was keeping them alive but the removal of it isn't the cause of death.

  25. Oh ofc not, the cause of death will likely either be recorded as the original thing that put them in the hospital or dehydration from not getting the fluids (repeat with whichever vital thing they run out of first.) They won't be called a murder victim and nor should they be: as much as I disagree with the decision I respect that it's a terrible position to be in.

  26. You're definitely not alone in this, aside from the fact I know I'm biologically incapable of having children (something that really hurts to think about.) I'm just having trouble moving on with my life, can't get a job;struggling in relationships etc and I don't see an ending for it.

  27. Why is someone who requires a civil servant to tell him whether he was at a party in his own house allowed to lead the country?

  28. How much dirty laundry is there to slowly release? It seems like it's still coming in on the regular and there's not really any way he can wriggle out of this one given it was arranged by his wife.

  29. The cake Grandma used to bake cakes for everyone in my class (and only my class) when it was a birthday. The identity of the cake grandma was forever kept secret, and because the class never changed remained that way.

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