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  1. I’m 5’1 and 110 lbs. My fit test required me to lift 250 lb. To lift the gurney with a patient on top, you’re gonna have to use your upper strength and quads/legs. Grab the lower bars and lift the gurney as if you’re doing a conventional deadlift. The trick for me is to use my belt. I’d use my belt to distribute some of the weight since I’m leaning the gurney on top of my belt and stomach.

  2. Why don’t you volunteer in ktown or closer areas? Some churches hand out hot foods on thanksgiving to the homeless and would love volunteers

  3. Use google voice. Give out a fake number but still be able to talk to them off the app

  4. The affordable route is to go to a CC or CSU program, but it’s very competitive. If you got the loans and money to pay for private schools, then it’ll be the quickest route. West coast university is the most expensive but their ABSN program is 2 years (if you finish your GE and transfer them). There are other more affordable private schools but I personally haven’t researched them.

  5. I scheduled two dates in one day so I only had to get ready once. One at lunch and one at dinner. I have no regrets

  6. Doesn’t the school library usually keep copies of yearbooks?

  7. You can look into private nursing schools. It'll be expensive but most of them are ABSN programs and will accept students (as long as meet the minimum requirement). Just make sure the school is accredited, like make sure they're legit.

  8. It’s up to you. I only tip when I dine in or order drinks at the bar. I don’t tip when I pick up Togo orders. The only exception is when I actually feel like they have a good service so I tip them (Uber drivers, tour guides, etc).

  9. Why don’t you build a high fence to keep the tree limbs in?

  10. Depending on how badly you want to be in a nursing career (and location wise), there are other schools such as West coast university. They’re a private and accelerated BSN school. It’s costly but they will accept almost anyone as long as you can afford their program.

  11. invading my personal space and trying to play footsies

  12. I put shoes on my dog cause his paws getting really dirty and I get tired of having to wipe his feet after. It’s more convenient for me and it protects his paws from allergens. He naws at his feet less when he wears the shoes.

  13. Did you get served with a lawsuit, or did you find out about your lawsuit from lawyers sending you mail? I'm in a similar situation and would really like to fight this or become compliant.

  14. Congrats!!! Could I ask how you scored a level 3 on the funds proctored? I'm taking it in a couple of weeks and would love any tips on scoring well on the exam

  15. Download scam shield. It’s free for T-Mobile people

  16. Align yourself with your other neighbors and light up the police department with noise and parking complaints.

  17. We’re working with other neighbors to find a solution. I’ve been calling the police but I don’t think they do much. I was hoping they’d give the renters a fine but nope

  18. Yes! Cause I’ve been trying to figure out how they’re renting out their home aside from Airbnb. Their listing on vrbo allows parties and the next two weeks have been booked... Airbnb listing does not and their dates are available.

  19. I just transferred my tickets! But do you know what will happen if 2021 TML doesn’t happen cause of covid? Possible refunds?

  20. Your guess is as good as mine. FYI, you had to transfer before June 15th. You might want to check and make sure that it happened.

  21. By just I meant June 14 lol, but yeah I hope refunds will happen next year if 2021 is cancelled too..

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