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AITA for the way I reacted to my neurotypical children telling me they won't be caring for their sibling?

Are you being serious right now?


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  1. YTA. If her grades are good and this is her dream - she deserves a shot at it. If she is not at this level, it will be apparent in a few auditions but please don’t squash her dreams without letting her try.

  2. NTA. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have an amazing day! Eat as many cupcakes as you want!

  3. NTA. Getting a wedding cake for the cost of ingredients is amazing.

  4. YTA. Your sister didn’t want what you wanted and that is okay. You didn’t need to make the BRIDE feel awful at HER wedding!!!

  5. NTA. Take the time off and see what goes down for yourself.

  6. NTA. You can ask for a different color. She said no thanks. That’s that. I am sorry for the other dynamics you are dealing with.

  7. I don’t know how YOU know it “won’t be a long time”?

  8. YTA. Jake is their brother not their kid. You are completely wrong. You should have asked if they were open to this, instead you demanded it. This entire thing might have gone very differently if you handled it better. Now you have two out of three kids who do not want to talk to you and your husband doesn’t seem to thrilled with how you handled it either.

  9. NTA. Similar post regarding a sweet sixteen. The easiest path for the parents is to just give in. Instead of teaching that we celebrate others sometimes and not ourselves, that child is learning “everything is about ME!!!!”

  10. NTA. This is really odd. Is she overweight or something?

  11. NTA. Sophia is not a good mom, which is why her kid acts the way he does. All those adults are wrong and need to learn how to be a parent and not just do what is easier for them.

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