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  1. I didn't see it, and forgive me if it's been mentioned, but making 988 the number to call / text for reaching out to the Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

  2. First one will be "Swingin'" by John Anderson. After that, in some order...

  3. I trusted a fart on Thursday. I'm 47. It lied to me.

  4. Used to watch this on TV before I went to high school in the early 90's

  5. My dad died when I was 22 years old and that pretty much ended that pursuit. I've been interested in becoming a godfather to one of my cousin's kids, but they never considered me and I think they're winding down the need for a larger family.

  6. Blue collar queer checking in. Also neurodivergent, so I bite my fingernails. Haven't been able to kick the habit. I drive a big rig, and wear cowboy work boots and all the stuff that makes me blend in rather than stand out. Got a hard hat in the truck, just in case, but rarely ever need it.

  7. Friends in Low Places by Garth. I know, easy choice.

  8. God I wish they'd do something about the water. :(

  9. I told my mom that the city water got an F from the Department of Environmental Quality. Every other municipality in the St. Landry Parish fared better.

  10. I wonder if there are any plans to get it up to standard?

  11. I'm not holding my breath. I've had a filter on my the shower for the 21 years we've lived in town in 2 separate houses. Brita and PUR tap filters, too.

  12. She's just Good People. And we need more Good People like her. Period.

  13. They’ll take massive abuse, laugh, and ask you for more. Great choice!

  14. I'm putting my Durango boots through that right now. Yours look like they've been through hell and back.

  15. After Hurricane Ian here in Florida I wore these the entire time I was doing rescue and recovery in the worst hit areas. I was in water above the ankles, which never entered the insides of the boots, got my boots scraped, poked, stabbed, and generally beat to hell by debris like exposed rebar, wood, concrete, twisted sheet metal, mud, dust, just every nasty thing you could think of, and they protected my feet and are still perfectly intact. Any softer boots and I might have been in trouble - my feet could have been gravely injured. Also, I almost twisted my ankle trying step through destroyed houses on uneven debris but the boots are stiff enough that they supported my ankles incredibly well. I honestly did not expect they’d be this strong and perform so well. So, I was so thrilled with their performance that the pic I just shared above was taken after one of the heaviest days of abuse because I wanted to preserve the moment.

  16. I finally broke down and decided to take my blood pressure. The cuff screamed at me and called me dirty names. Do you remember Sam Kenison? It was like that, only shriller. The holidays took their toll.

  17. I do remember Sam Kinison. Great comic. #10 all time on my list. Wish I could scream like him when the days get too rough.

  18. "Sawin' Logs" by Dillon Carmichael comes to mind.

  19. That one's on my karaoke list. Love Mark Chesnutt.

  20. Homoromantic, professionally closeted (truck driver) but slowly becoming more open

  21. I turn 47 on Sunday. Gonna enjoy my birthday and a week off from drivin' a truck.

  22. I'd ask about the coffee in your cup. Ask if you've got more to spare, pour me some, and see where the convo goes.

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