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  1. So the guy outside the door was Bob Broder, Charles/Burrows/Charles’ agent.

  2. That makes 3 if us, if you look at the other comments!

  3. I don't think that's Irish or Scottish you're hearing.

  4. When he first came onto the scene I only saw the tats and thought he was a clown. Plus I'm old as fuck so I wasn't a fan of his music. But the more I learn of him the more I realize I was showing my age and prejudices. I saw him on Hot Ones and thought he was the coolest guy. I saw him on Good Mythical Morning and now know that I'm kind of an idiot.

  5. It was GMM for me. I was like, Wow. What an awesome dude. I'm an asshole for judging him.

  6. So ... over-charge for API access and screw the staff? Good guy Reddit.

  7. Technically a safety and regulatory failure as you require the instrument cluster to monitor your speed so it's entirely in the interest of Skoda to fix this issue, especially since it should still be within warranty.

  8. I've done this as of last night and lodged an official complaint.

  9. Studios thinking they possibly have any leverage.

  10. Gee that’s strange, better go check….. oh hell narh

  11. As someone who went to a private Catholic school from K-12, this is bullshit.

  12. I don't mind people standing immediately. I can understand wanting to stretch. Other people would prefer to sit and wait. But I also understand the frustration. It's not like they'll get off the plane any sooner but standing.

  13. If only a device had been invented which allows babies to comfortably yet safely ride in the car. When will we learn?

  14. I mean I thought it was obvious when she's crying at the beginning of the song and playing in the bath at the end.

  15. Idk bro, I don’t really see what the baby on the track has to do with anything. I feel like y’all reaching

  16. I'm a straight man and I really want hair like hers


  18. I didn't think there would be, it wasn't in any of the UK specific articles. But since Disney seem to only care about press releases for US users, it just sets the rest of the world up for disappointment.

  19. Weird thing is I've seen US people say it's not there either.

  20. Sometimes, dogs are jerks. My rescue boy is a jerk. Barks at everything. We're working on it and he has made improvements but he's 7 and we've been working on it for years. He's never gonna be a placid boy. So he's never walked off-lead/leash. On walks, he must wear a bright yellow vest with the words I NEED SPACE in big, black letters. He's got a bright orange leaf/leash which says NO DOGS. He's never allowed to meet new people unsupervised. He's a jerk. But he's my jerk. And I love him. So I give him the best opportunities of a successful, happy existence. I don't ignore the problem and pretend he's fine.

  21. The stuff he's spewing out now is already Alex-Jones-Level conspiracy redpill crap.

  22. I stopped using it the day it was announced that Trump would be reinstated on the platform. That was 20-Nov-2022. I don't miss it.

  23. You know when you see someone selling a bunch of random crap on FB marketplace? Like a lot of one thing? As if they bought wholesale? Here you go.

  24. I need this bumper sticker so I can quietly adhere it to the car of my nemesis.

  25. The alternative to quietly adhering it to the car of your nemesis is to loudly do so. I'm picturing a FlexTape™ situation.

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