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  1. I've come to love Aatrox as he is but damn do I miss being an attack speed heavy juggernaut with his smooth as animations

  2. It sure is a shame they made him up to par right before his update. I really enjoyed him pre-rework was so excited to see him getting some love only to throw away those changed anyhow

  3. There is a history of Chinese player base that tend to be hyper volatile and will review bomb and riot any game/company that offends them.

  4. I'm STILL angry about that shitshow. Seriously, fuck'em.

  5. West Taiwan is so sensitive its such a shame they've got as much sway to the industry as they do.

  6. I find it fairly good/better amongst other anti-hero stories. Outside the some of they general stereotype characters I like the direction the plot itself is taking itself!

  7. I am going to hitchhike this comment because the reason why it's asymptomatic or has only a very minor effect most of the time is because:

  8. I was wondering what happened to this series. It's become rather hard to find those old classic fantasy types outside of isekais nowadays and this one feels like it hit the nail on it. Hope for the best with it.

  9. Man, I don't get why Nian can't have shield replenishment. Or even prevent the shields from being consumed unless an attack passes a certain threshold. I feel bad for her, it doesn't need to be nearly as good as Mudrock who has two busted offence orientated skills anyway.

  10. She'll probably get a second module just for this case honestly.

  11. Im disappointed we didnt to see the conclusion of that girl's problem, but it seems appropriate that our work is left "unfinished" in this manner. I'm excited to see what themes we will be exploring in this new class.

  12. This is what we fear Frieren in Funeral would have done. Or will do

  13. I only read a manga if it goes on long frequent unexplained hiatuses.

  14. It really feels like the best series do just that, so many of my top reads are on long wait releases and hiatus and the list keeps growing 😢

  15. I found the beginnings of this series kinda questionable as well wondering why this was popular. Later on I found the appeal to be how they both begin to see past their shallow impressions of each other (mostly the male mc's) and and their own character growth/relations throughout the series. Sure our MC was a mad chuuni but he really does grow out of it and it shows.

  16. How is this lewd, because it's showing shoulders? It's a normal drawing.

  17. Does this manga have low popularity or something that it is not published every month? I like the plot and the art style of this manga so I really want to at least have a monthly dose of this

  18. If I'm not wrong its fairly high up their in terms of isekais for japan, and its fairly long in terms of wn/ln length. Wish I knew that the deal was with its manga releases as well. The only thing i can think of is that they're using the manga as advertisement for the ln's as they often do with certain animes, but don't take my word on that :p

  19. This isn't even entertaining. I just want them to fuck off so we can get back to the story..I hope he murders them both

  20. "Oh boy, new chapter to that trash isekai that i just found, wonder how development there is going." Literally nothing aside from "starting" a fight. I honestly shouldn't have a reason to complain knowing what this is but ffs, my bad for expecting even less than nothing.

  21. why did you get so many downvotes??

  22. The splash art makes gives me old school skin vibes, while the champ is the anti christ incarnate- great skin!

  23. Aside from the mad horny and thiccness going on, I was rather fond of how the two mc's were characterized. Their dialogues struck me as more complex than the usual generic rom-com types. I hope we can see this series picked up again.

  24. Some real biblical angels shit. Very appropriate for a "god of the heavens"

  25. You'll be adding the class under your belt while retaining your skills and progress of your previous, being able to use skills from both at the same time.

  26. The voice acting with the extra changes in pitches and silly noises is so good. It adds so much character to those two in particular

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