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  1. These two are gonna be stars soon(well more than they already are in terms of majors I suppose).

  2. I kind of expect this to be the best Star Wars show though im still not that that excited for it(being a prequel and what not...)

  3. hes meant to be in bad shape physically right? think I remember hearing last year about that.

  4. James Cameron would actually be perfect for Horizon, especially it’s themes of tribalism, religion, man vs machine, connection to nature. Fuck.

  5. maybe they can even set it in village near water to tempt him :).

  6. Talia beating Death stroke in any way is the most bs ever. batman has a hard time defeating him each time considering all of Slade's Healing factor and his Training and strategies. like how the hell he didn't suspect her using a knife to stabe him?

  7. She is one of the most deadliest people on the planet....

  8. why is it a woman...guess that movie got turned into this

  9. kind of neat its esai as lead villain. shea wigham looks like he could steal though.

  10. Was Erik Oleson not available? His work as showrunner on season 3 definitely deserved another go at it

  11. Well was pretty obvious but good to see... Matt in NWH then possibly she hulk and echo.kingpin elsewhere .Theres even possibility for Luke cage and Jessica jones being back in something.

  12. I thought this was obvious...?

  13. I know it’s popular to hate on this show on Reddit but that was a great trailer and I’m looking forward to s4, I think s3 while not nearly as good as something like s1 is still solid tv. Fully expect s4 to be an improvement over s3

  14. tbf having great trailers was always true for the show

  15. Goddamn this show and its trailers. They kind of went off rails after season 1 but quite a lot of interesting aspects to the show.

  16. wasn't too impressed with season1...

  17. god damn thats a brilliant cast. like all of them tbh. Fx isnt a network I pay attention to all the time but they do have some solid hits.

  18. I would guess 3, perhaps 4/5 if they stretch it out. The F&B retelling is from two POVs (a raunchy dwarf jester type called Mushroom, and a high Septon) so there's a lot of space to pack out if they choose

  19. never read it but is it all povs and history write ups? if so could they make up their own stuff or deviate from the written accounts I presume?

  20. They really can't do Aegon's conquest because there won't be any tension in the story. It will basically be Aegon, his sister-wives and their 3 dragons going brrrr.

  21. could make for a good movie maybe(?) or I dunno an animated series(...they are supposed to be at least considering if not already developing two animated shows actually come to think of it)

  22. I can't wait to see Cregan Stark in action. I don't know if this is supposed to be a multi-season series so maybe we don't get any Cregan until much later, but I can't wait since he's one of the most badass characters during the Dance of the Dragons.

  23. He wouldn't be in the show much would he(?).hope he is though

  24. The Starks don't really have a substantial role in the Dance of the Dragons until much later in the story unless the writers change things up a bit. Other northerners like Lord Roderick Dustin do play a more important role early on, so we might see that character merged with a Stark or something like that.

  25. yea thats what I was thinking. they did change up a lot of things fro the books on the tv show(excluding plot lines or combining characters/or their arcs). that obviously was to condense the massive world down a bit but it may not be needed in this one.

  26. I’m sure the spending for HBO Max will indeed increase but when they add Discovery+ to HBO Max the scripted content budget is going to have to be slashed to make room to fund the Discovery+ shows that get funded by Discovery+ subscriptions right now. Either that or HBO Max needs to Jack prices by $5-$7 and I just do not see that happening given what happened to Netflix after the price rises at the start of the year.

  27. Yea I hope they keep up with budget.since amazon and apple(which is competing either hbo prestige else tbf) will.not stop investing.

  28. OMG I predicted this, everyone was so obsessed with the overrated sinister six but seeing how they ended her arc in Peacemaker a Waller led Checkmate show would be more likely. Exciting

  29. secret six aren't overrated tbh

  30. Ill let you in on a secret…nerds hate Snyder because he isnt a demasculated “clever” nerd like say…Joss. He doesnt do anything thats “ironic” or winks at the camera. Its all 100% earnest and serious. He leans into themes of masculinity that are considered gauche by modern standards, for example Superman’s stoicism, thats he’s quiet and reserved, as opposed to “friendly small town cop”. And theres a particular audience that just cant wrap their heads around it.

  31. ah yes people hate snyder because of his masculinity. you got it mate. congrats.

  32. good to see this shows finally seeming to start filming

  33. seems like a mess but I hope the series works out.seems interesting

  34. I read through this issue but haven’t been keeping up with JL otherwise, can anyone explain why John’s all powered up?

  35. he became a new god of sorts in his the green lantern run recently.

  36. Wait when did Diana come back from whatever happened in Death Metal

  37. she was chilling in Valhalla and elsewhere and came back in her ongoing

  38. Creative team is Josh Trujillo and Adrian Gutierrez. Trujillo's written a lot of comics, including Adventure Time, Rick & Morty, and the famous Batman/FaZe Clan.

  39. hope we see jaime discovering the power of The Gamer in this new story.

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