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WIBTA for taking my daughter to visit my family?

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  1. The only part I dislike about the swap, is that it took the US giving ruzzia one of their shittiest people in exchange for a woman who's only crim was she had weed(?)

  2. SAME HERE!! And it seems like that's just about everyone's issue with it, but of course they're blaming her for whatever reason. It does seem like a very lopsided trade, but I'm beyond happy she gets to come home.

  3. The older I get the more I think that hobbits live the best life.

  4. Sometimes I pop on LOTR: Fellowship and just watch the first bit "concerning Hobbits" because it makes me so happy.

  5. Tell them they need to keep practicing. Their artwork sucks.

  6. For real though, why do the shadows look like strategically placed basketball bounces?

  7. From what my daughter says, the teacher will say so, and so parent emailed me today about.......

  8. That sounds a lot like a FERPA violation. Have you talked to admin about this teacher yet?

  9. I love this! Tag that ol bitch in a post and say "Since you make parents' emails public knowledge to your classes, I'll save you a step!" and post it to the school's FB page.

  10. I think the laws are different when the "landlord" live on the same property. Also is he a tenant if he's never paid rent? It's also going to be very dependent on what country or state they live in, the protections differ.

  11. Even in states that have squatter's rights, it seems like a grey area when it comes to adult children. I feel like i should be able to kick out any adult who's in the home I own for whatever reason, but apparently it's not that simple.

  12. While the BPD sub is great for support, I’ve found they have a hard time seeing things objectively when it comes to stuff like this. This is a topic where objectivity is key. I can feel like I’m a perfectly fit parent and I can feel like I’m acting in my kids’ best interests, but feelings aren’t facts. If I’m objectively a danger to my kids, no amount of “I love them and want the best for them” can change that. I’d go so far as to say, one’s insight and judgment can be so impaired that the two things (“I love my kids and want the best for them” and actually being a danger to them) don’t even have to be mutually exclusive, if the insight and judgment are so impaired that the parent doesn’t appreciate the level of harm.

  13. First off, check the BPD sub's sidebar for some resources.

  14. My oldest is an early bird, so he's usually up before the sun anyway. My youngest requires a minimum of 10 minutes to fully emerge from her chamber, so I usually just gently wake her after my shower, go get myself dressed, then go back in wake her up again, then brush my teeth, then go fully wake her up and get her dressed and ready.

  15. Wife said he’s never had her back, and he just brushes right over it. He doesn’t say I know and I’m sorry, or you’re right, I didn’t, you have every reason to feel that way. Nope, nothing to see here, moving on to why I’m right. Infuriating, and tells us she’s absolutely right in her position.

  16. "She let it go over her head" Lol, nah brah. She gave up because you're a trash husband who puts mommy up on this pedestal, even though she openly treats your spouse and long time partner like trash and puts zero effort into having a relationship with any of you.

  17. Also the phase "let it go over her head" isn't a thing. Something going over your head is you not understanding it it's pretty clear that his wife understood that she was being disrespected.

  18. That's true, but I was prepared to give him grace for that. I get common phrases wrong all the time.

  19. Yeah, because when something happens to one person, that can never ever happen again.

  20. I was supposed to have an iud fitted today but it was cancelled due to the Dr being ill. Next available appointment is half way through January

  21. I just googled "tubal ligation UK" and the very first result states that there are no legal requirements that women need to meet.

  22. The Weekend always devastates me and almost stopped me from having a second kid. Bandit is busy playing with Bluey that he completely misses something magical happening for Bingo. She's calling out to him, "Daddy come and see" and he misses it. Ugh.

  23. It's a good lesson for kids. The reality of life is that people are going to miss out on moments you find important for whatever reason, and the wrap up at the end where Bandit explains why shows kids that it's nothing personal, people (generally grownups) get distracted sometimes.

  24. Yeah, it's not my job to help someone who doesn't want to help themselves. Thanks, but I've dated enough broken men for one lifetime.

  25. Yes, his actions were bad. But when you have the opportunity to correct someone and don't for the sole purpose of embarrassing them in person, that's an asshole move.

  26. That's why this sub needs a "justified asshole" option. Was it kind of mean of them to trick him? Sure. Did he deserve it for being a sexist pig? Abso-fucking-lutely.

  27. As a woman who plays D&D, I think OP is a fucking legend. Thank you, from a fellow girl nerd who's sick of the rampant sexism!

  28. My family got zero invites. My wife's family got zero invites.

  29. My only regret about my wedding was giving my mom as much control as I did. I wish I could do it all over again.

  30. I agree but would suggest trying to find a temporary home for the dog rather than surrendering it permanently.

  31. Honestly, it doesn't sound like she's the best dog owner in the first place. She can't afford to feed it, what happens when it needs to go to the vet? Sounds like the dog also has behavior issues around cats, which can be exacerbated if the dog is moved to an unfamiliar environment. Best case scenario, the dog is incredibly unhappy while she's living there. Worst case, the dog attacks again, and that little baby could be the victim.

  32. Yeah, tax everyone making $600 is much easier than taxing corporations or actually successful business is what I see

  33. Both things can be true. Legislation needs to be put in place for the small businesses utilizing Venmo as their transaction software so they can pay their fair share, but you're right that large and more successful businesses do need to pay their fair share as well.

  34. Im not racists or antisementic, but if I was I would ne happy to not say anything about it for millions of dollars

  35. I have several strong opinions about a lot of things. Although they're the opposite of antisemitism/racism, I keep those quiet in exchange for a paycheck that's not even close to millions of dollars. Why? Because I know when it is and isn't appropriate to share my hot takes.

  36. No, but the NBA Nike is well within their rights to stop paying someone and term their contract when they're not representing the organization in a way they see fit.

  37. Ffs, thank you! I'm about to unsub because of the rampant misinformation being spread. It does no good to anyone to start acting like we're on Facebook.

  38. Lol check the userbame. It's probably some edgelord negative karma farmer who gets off on making people mad about stupid shit.

  39. It is helpful, because it makes me feel I'm not making up her fear of sleeping alone. A lot of comments make me feel I just need to close the door and she'll be fine, and I'm doing something wrong. She often comes into our bed and if my partner's working nights I let her stay, but there isn't really space for all of us, he ends up having to get out otherwise. I also don't really like her being there while I'm going to bed as I like to be able to read and unwind. Sometimes at weekends we do let her fall asleep in our bed then take her to her room. I know we shouldn't do things like that but on a Friday evening sometimes I haven't the energy to fight.

  40. It sounds like you're doing everything you can to help her! My son has some anxiety around nighttime, so we stock him up with nightlights and flashlights. We're also getting him a weighted blanket to help calm him down. I think just having a lot of comfort items around helps him to know he's safe when we're not around.

  41. We have those in Canada too. And I’m sure in the States as well. They come inside those Christmas crackers that they pulled apart before eating dinner. Inside there is a thin paper crown (that always rips like Bluey’s did), a crappy toy, and a stupid joke.

  42. Am American, and hadn't heard of a Christmas cracker until Harry Potter. You can sometimes find them at bougie import stores, but they're nothing like actual crackers. They've got fancy chocolate and cool toys, and no fun paper crowns.

  43. Also an American who was first introduced to Christmas crackers through HP. As a kid I thought they were talking about crackers as in Ritz or saltines 😅. I was a full grown adult before I figured out what they were talking about.

  44. I thought they were a Harry Potter specific thing for the longest time, lol

  45. That sounds like a perfectly logical and reasonable request.

  46. When you are in the midst of a manic episode, you càn absolutely lack the insight that you need the medication. You can feel so grandiose and out if touch with reality, especially with the psychotic features he seems to have.

  47. Then he needs to be treated like everyone else and go through inpatient to get his meds adjusted. Being rich and famous is no excuse to not be held accountable.

  48. Hot dog cobbler!! That's a very famous Southern dish, it's served at diners sometimes with BBQ sauce ice cream.

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