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  1. jfc I guess better to get this shit out of the way now instead of Sept/Oct. Or it could get twice as bad, who knows.

  2. Return it to the oven with some canola oil my dude, it's fine, just bad seasoning spots from the factory.

  3. 6L80 is no better, I’m surprised owners haven’t filed suit for that one also.

  4. Mine's been great after 5 years. Never met anyone who's had luck with the 8-spd...

  5. Even if this was the only album they ever put out, they'd still be absolute legends

  6. This is one of Lodge's best redesigns imo those handles are exactly what should've been on there from day 1.

  7. Does your wife use any baking paper or anything to line it before she bakes in it? Or is yours seasoned enough that you don’t need too?

  8. They look awesome. I'd buy one if I didn't already have a hibachi one to restore

  9. Only missing Heritage. I owned the 1st press baby blue /100 from preordering it and sold it like a dummy,

  10. Nothing missing here…luckily I was able to grab everything I wanted and almost all at retail price or below.

  11. I think I remember you posting this before! Is that the 10" Sorceress pressing? I've heard mixed reviews of that and it made me not want it. Super jealous of that Lamentations copy 🤘

  12. One of the best road teams in the league comes here twice in the next 3 days, what could go wrong?

  13. Yes use it every day. I love all the great features. Its cold most of the year here and we start a fire most every morning

  14. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it. I’m sitting here in Mount Juliet watching Ek in EDM play like it was 16-17 all over again. Hynes killed his game.

  15. The whole Hynes experience has been heartbreaking tbh. Aside from 59/9/95/92 having a great 21-22 season, it's been stagnant and depressing af....Ekholm looks like a 27 year old rn haha

  16. Have to admit I haven’t listened to Cryptopsy outside of None So Vile. I know they didn’t get bad until their deathcore album so I should check their other 90s stuff out

  17. All of their stuff is good. All bangers, even the deathcore one isn't completely shit.

  18. I can’t understand why Nashville made him available this year. It’s like they opted not to make the playoffs.

  19. As much as it would pain me to say, I hope his name is on the Cup as an Oiler this summer. Glad he's fitting in up there. He'll be crucial in that 1st round against the Kings(likely).

  20. I may be biased. But I believe Logano does the best burnouts

  21. People’s opinions on paint schemes are bizarre. Feels like y’all are just picking randomly whether to love or hate a scheme regardless of the look

  22. Simple is boring, but with the right balance and spacing, it fits together perfectly without your eyes drawn to an awkward spot on the design.

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