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  1. I'm taking Effexor. My doctor insists it isn't the problem. He wants me to get my testosterone levels tested.

  2. Difference is this person did so derisively.

  3. Most people think Ono was not just untalented, but fucking awful, or at best untalented. She used to screech and make other horrible noises and call it music, and it often ruined stuff John was doing. She came off as a groupie riding a famous man's coattails.

  4. I actually love her version of “Let Me Count the Ways.” It’s quite heartfelt and lovely.

  5. Bisque temp usually is between ∆08 to ∆04. And then yes fire the clay a second time to what it says on the box.

  6. Yes. I also work with cone 6 clay for the most part. You can fire all your clay (both the cone 5-10 and the cone 6) to cone 03 or 04 first. Personally, I fire to 04. Glaze them all, then fire to the respective cones.

  7. OH, thanks so much! I was planning on all cone 6 glazes to make things cheaper for myself, but that clarification helps because I'm buying them all tomorrow. I was more concerned with the bisque firing thing, however, so thank you!

  8. Enough married people, people getting blood transfusions and drug users of all stripes that shared needles were getting it by the time we figured out it was a blood-borne virus.

  9. Well judging by the media coverage we got Liberace was the source and Queen spread it. So it was very gay, but then out of nowhere these conservative straight monogamous pastors started falling I'll and we all knew it wasn't a gay disease, it was obviously spread by the blood bank.

  10. With delicious bits of hot crispy eggroll all over me and probably some bruising.

  11. did you ever get yours? mine was suppose to come in early January. now they are saying march

  12. Such good timing to ask me. I just heard from them today and am picking it up on Friday.

  13. A young server brought my dinner to the table about 6 years ago. His neck said "Skull Fucker" on it, in gothic text. Not what I want to see when I'm getting ready to eat.

  14. It's helped me come to terms with my own eventual death in a more positive way. Seeing so many people's lives end at 30 or 40 yet I'm still here at 60+.

  15. I lost a good friend at age 11, when he rode his bicycle over a hill in his own front yard, out into the street, and slammed into a car being driven by a guy who was on his way to the hospital, thinking he was having a heart attack. Terrible for everyone.

  16. Success! Now, wait out the... what, 90 days? Be careful, this is where the guy could be really angry and not care about leaving a trail of crap behind him.

  17. Oops. Sorry, I'm not very familiar with that method so didn't think of it. I guess that would fit the last category, however.

  18. Yeah, I met a guy that won pretty big but not huge. He was already a "middle class millionaire" type guy with a retirement account and all his finances in order. So the first person he told was his financial advisor. He said lock it up till it's cashed. Take off work and go out of state for at least a couple weeks if possible. Contact a lawyer and set up a trust or something to control who can get the money. Tell nobody that you wouldn't want to fight with about money. 2nd, 3rd cousins twice removed will crawl out of the gutters with sob stories about grandma's cancer etc.

  19. Ha, good one. Even if I asked, they'd probably stop talking to me, so that would be a stupid move since they're my only good neighbor.

  20. I never could get used to them. I was around 48 or so. Took them back and got two pairs of glasses instead. I now have my sight-seeing/driving/tv glasses and my computer/painting/writing glasses. Usually one pair is around my neck while the other ones are on my nose. :-)

  21. It's arguably the closest in your lifetime (though what about late 1960s?), but it's still not close to it at all.

  22. The late 60s did not see a fundamental shift in what the Right thought they could get away with, i.e. staging an insurrection to stop the legal process of an election. Most (not all) of the protests were from black or left anti-war types. Most (not all) of the aggression was from government/cops towards those groups.

  23. Trying to cast me as some angry internet stranger doesn’t change the truth of what I’m saying.

  24. I don't think anyone reading about this would have pictured a pristine environment. People who abandon children and a corpse aren't probably known for the white glove test.

  25. One of my favorite conifers, ours are not all old enough to do cones just yet, but getting close.

  26. Smoking a joint with my choir teacher at her apartment when I was a junior in HS.

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