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Remote Raid Megathread - Find friends fast for raiding here

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  2. Outspeeding doesn’t mean one hit KO, or use focus sash to be safe

  3. I’m not a fan, the beat is pretty goofy to me :/

  4. Trade away: DeAndre Hopkins Receive: Tyler Lockett + Brandon Ayuik 6 team standard ESPN scoring Highly considering accepting but wanted 2nd opinions

  5. Decline. Aiyuk is droppable in 6 team league so essentially that's DHop for Lockett

  6. Yeah that’s what my thoughts were.

  7. Need specterier and regidrago for my game dex+my home dex. I have glasterier and regileki. Note that I will have to back out of the trade to add to my home dex.

  8. I feel like a lot of y’all are thinking about what made you feel worse and not what Clem felt. Yeah killing your father figure is bad, but seeing your undead parents after searching for them for months? That’s so much worse.

  9. If I find it I’ll DM it to everyone that replies, if you find it before me send it over so I can send it out.

  10. Can anyone post some more pics? I’m curious about how it looks inside

  11. I think you underestimate the kids that attend lolla

  12. Lolla is streaming some shows on Hulu, but I’m not sure if they’re streaming bh

  13. I’m so upset I have to miss her set 😭, she ends right as Brockhampton goes on and I gotta be front row for their potential last tour.

  14. They’re going on tour in 2022 in case you missed that

  15. Anyone know if House of Blues Aftershow is still on? I assume not...

  16. Just got a ticketmaster notification saying the show is cancelled, it shows cancelled on the tickets as well

  17. So, I’ve been the 3-4 to comment numerous times for raids (yes, after refreshing). I have not gotten a single invite, is this normal? I don’t want to keep trying if it’s this hard. Thanks to anyone who helps

  18. Yeah it’s normal, lots of people trying to raid so gotta get lucky

  19. The only other one that’s closed that i can think of was at south pointe

  20. 3PM is pretty standard for hotel check ins, I would count on that

  21. Ignore this lamestain! Drink whiskey for breakfast! Pregame on the hard stuff! Don't charge your phone! Get blackout drunk at 2:00 in the afternoon! Smoke un-offered hits off anything you see getting passed around! Take random pills you found in a porta-potty! Don't bother with the water stations, the bar lines are shorter anyway! Take off your shirt and lose it somewhere! If you start to get tired, just lie down on the sidewalk! Cuss out a stranger! Eat plenty of junk food, the sugar will help you absorb the alcohol faster! Give a cop the finger! Make sure you leave the fest so wasted you don't know where your hotel is!

  22. Anyone know what this means for the slowthai/suicideboys aftershow?

  23. Idk what I expected but I was hoping for something else

  24. Outside probably. From what others have told me at least

  25. A friend recommended driving down to Denton and going to Kracklin Kirks. Absolutely worth the 20 minute drive from central Lincoln. I got way more than I usually do for the same amount spent. Make sure you grab their flyer on the way in, they have a couple coupons. One was for a 6 round artillery for 1.99

  26. Kirks is the place to go. Been buying there for 10 or so years

  27. Sulivan king is coming soon. Metal dubstep. Love love love It. By soon I mean tomorrow.

  28. Found out what I’m doing tonight, Sullivan king puts on a show

  29. I’ve seen Sullivan King before, he broke out his guitar then so I’m guessing he will this time around

  30. Time slots arent out yet so still too soon

  31. Lol that’s the only reason to do a clash finder. To speculate. Once the schedule is’s out.

  32. Or to help find clashes between artists? Its literally in the name.

  33. I don’t know if I would call these underdogs but $uicideboy$ ,alison wonderland, and subtronics makes it worth it for me!!

  34. Check out night Lovell! I get strong suicideboys/ghostmane vibes from him

  35. Going to Riot Fest again instead of this crap

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