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  1. Wiring more than one speaker could possibly give you a more stable SonosNet network.

  2. The only downside is if you use more advanced networking gear. If you use managed switches or a mesh network you can create Spanning Tree Protocol issues if don’t make some advanced networking changes. (This applies only if you are using TP link Omada, Ubiquiti UniFi, Aruba, Cisco, merkai etc, type enterprise or prosumer networking gear or mesh node systems like Eero).

  3. I’m no expert on EERO but I believe it uses STP to organize itself and unlike the more advanced enterprise systems doesn’t allow you to set STP priorities. Given that, you are probably best with somewhere between 0 and 1 sonos units connected to Ethernet. More and you will get loops that will likely conflict with the STP packets eero is using. (Others with more experience with eero can chime in).

  4. I agree with this completely. 12 speed very nice on my gravel bike with SRAM Mullet build where I have a 9-46 cassette. The 12 cogs allow the jumps to be manageable (in my opinion). Some people also like Ekar for that 1x wide cassette use case.

  5. what do you dislike about this? bc I hate the vessel and like this

  6. It’s incredibly annoying to navigate as the location of the escalators and exits are completely non-intuitive. The second floor mezzanine has numerous dead ends, and worse, when you get to the dead end there is no escalator down, so you have to loop backwards and take an escalator down a floor then double back and then finally go back up to reach street level. There is no natural intuitive flow to the floor plan and zero visual cues because it is sterile inside and all blazingly white.

  7. Hold it for 3-5 seconds to open. They are made that way. Not all act like this though and it can be confusing.

  8. This exactly. Hold it for a few seconds to release the magnetic lock. Not all the gates work that way but many do. Also the alarm will sound when it does open unlike the regular ones that open instantly.

  9. I feel like in an emergency, 3-5 seconds could be a long time. why not have it open instantly and just have the alarm go off?

  10. To discourage everyone from using it all the time as the primary exit, which then lets people fare evade and just walk in after you go out. This setup is common in unmanned station entrances with the special floor to ceiling revolving-door-style cage entry the lets anyone out but only lets someone go in after a swipe.

  11. Left side is reverse threaded. Or at least it was. If you have been trying to screw in the pedal “righty tighty” (clockwise) you might have messed up the threads.

  12. Whats that German companies that were around in WWII built things for the government of the time? Unheard of.

  13. Yes, though some German companies like Leica actually also worked to get their Jewish employees (and other Jews under the guise of being employees) out of Germany to work in “foreign offices” and thereby saved them.

  14. Worst case, it’s new 1x drivetrain day!

  15. Spokes fatigue over time, what especially hurts spokes is when one breaks and you don't fix it immediately, it puts more pressure on the remaining ones, making them more likely to break, and so on..

  16. This. Spokes breaking at the head (where it meets the hub) is usually a sign of too low spoke tension causing the spoke to flex and lengthen/compress as it goes in and out of tension, eventually fatiguing and breaking. That is a sign of poor wheel building, or that prior broken spokes (from impact say) were not properly repaired with equal tension being put on all the spokes to keep the wheel balanced. You now have an out of balance wheel from a tension perspective.

  17. The number one thing you are going to feel is that wider tire clearance you mentioned. Tubeless with lower pressure and wider tires is going to feel more comfortable than an older bike that can only squeeze in 25c tires at 85-90psi. The compliance in those tires is orders of magnitude higher than that more “vertically compliant” carbon layup.

  18. The other nice part about disc brake bikes is they can have wider tire clearance than rim brakes.

  19. Ass-saver fendor bendor is another cheap option if you want to have something easy to put on and off.

  20. It’s the hurricane Maria memorial. It’s been there for a while and no not broken.

  21. Thank you. I understand that this is a work around. It is a really not user friendly way for a small 5 port switch. I will continue my quest for another switch. I might need to go with TP-Link even though I have had some bad past experience with them.

  22. It’s not a work around, you just use software to configure it as opposed to a web portal on the switch running the software. The controller does not need to be running after setup, its just how you configure unifi gear. You can run it from your computer or a laptop to set up the switch, and it’s free

  23. Ok, thanks! It's the 2019 Model with Shimano 105

  24. Then you should have a BBright bottom bracket. If you have shimano cranks you’d want a 24mm axle bottom bracket. If you have rotor cranks on your bike (unlikely in 2019 but common on some older cervelos as they are cheaper than the shimano cranks) you likely need a 30mm axle one.

  25. Thank you so much! I haven't decided if I can do that myself or not because I first wanted to clarify which BB I have and then check how it's done to decide. But from what I get from you, it seems like a bike shop thing.

  26. It’s probably cheaper to get your shop to do vs buying the tools honestly.

  27. $4k maybe? Anything more and I’d just buy the new one myself. You still never really know what’s been done or happened to the bike

  28. And you don’t get the warranty as you aren’t the original owner.

  29. Imagine being the president of the United States of America, the most powerful man in the world, in the winter years of life and you are simping for some railroad execs.

  30. They didn’t have 60 votes to overcome the filibuster in the Senate. They only got 52 votes. In this case the President is not the most powerful person. He can’t sign a bill that the Senate won’t send him.

  31. Can’t say about this weird BB setup (other than why do this instead of just getting the correct parts for the frame) but clamping that s-works frame by the top tube is giving me serious anxiety.

  32. Golden cheetah is pretty good, and comes with a ton of analysis tools

  33. I second this. Also it can download intervals from ergDB.

  34. You can buy a cheap heat sink and thermal paste to stick on the outer case to try to improve the passive cooling it does through the case. A number of people (Including me) have done that to try to keep the temp lower to help the drive and battery from getting cooked)

  35. Pacific cycling and triathlon in Stamford hosts gravel rides in the area. They have a mailing list and the owner (Lori) and the head mechanic (Kevin) both do a fair amount of gravel riding.

  36. Do they ride up to Salem or is there something closer?

  37. They have done numerous rides. On thanksgiving they lead a ride starting down in Bedford NY, which is the first I ever joined. It’s worth getting on their mailing list as they send out the gpx files of the rides.

  38. You are going to want a cable tester. But a question- are you using keystone punch downs and solid core cable, with a punch down tool? This will be MUCH easier than trying to crimp on rj45 male ends.

  39. Personally I hate these integrated cockpits. Difficult or impossible to adjust, Pain to do maintenance on (cable/ hydraulic replacements), and sometimes or proprietary parts with questionable availability down the road should you need something.

  40. OP was asking if we saw these integrated systems on steel and Ti bikes much. The answer is not really because they are a pain to deal with and generally a feature of bikes that put aero marginal benefits and proprietary parts above all other concerns. Steel and Ti frames tend to be more often designed around more utilitarian/ practical desires.

  41. I’ve got Riot + in road, Riot + in mountain, and a set of Vaypor +. They are all great. Those Riot + are great shoes and an excellent deal. Sure they only have one boa vs the 2 on my vapors, and that boa is only one way (you have to release it to loosen vs dial it in and out) but that has never bothered me. They are excellent shoes and if you take your time heat molding them to your feet they will be amazingly comfortable.

  42. You don’t really need other equipment for it to work. You can just install the unifi software on a laptop, connect the switch, and set it up. After the initial setup you do not need the controller to be running at all for the switch to function as a cheap managed switch. The controller is only needed for setup and configuration changes. You do not need a cloudkey or VM running 24/7 to use it as a managed switch.

  43. SRAM rotors don’t come with lock rings. Yes you have to buy them separately.

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