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  1. I disagree, a lot of them know that they’ll get released on bond. Or that they’ll have a slap on the wrist for being minors. Criminals are dumb but not that dumb

  2. Released on bond doesn’t mean “absolved of wrongdoing”. Just means they’re out until their court date.

  3. If you tell a bunch of violent, incompetent & corrupt cops that they are now part of an ”elite” task force.. this is what you get.

  4. These images are so unnerving. It feels like a room in hell. 30 seconds after these shots where taken all these " people" turned on the picture taker and ate them alive starting at the feet.

  5. unidentified, probably. hoodrats don't have/carry drivers licenses/state IDs/credit cards (that belong to them)...just cash, guns, and rolling papers. i'm sure unidentified corpses are common.

  6. Lol the need to include rolling papers

  7. Has he discussed killing his dad?

  8. Funny I checked her linktree after I saw the original video and there wasn’t an onlyfans there, checked again still no onlyfans.

  9. She did have one but probably deleted it after hearing this bad take from dumb ass dudes.

  10. She overreacted but this is a bad take. Just bc someone has an onlyfans, that doesn’t give dudes free reign to ogle.

  11. A little bizarre but better than that first poster

  12. I'm confused. Why is this even a thing? DeSantis can do what he wants in FL. Why would his decisions/choices affect schools here in IL?

  13. Because he’s essentially the de facto republican leader at this point, other red state governors see this as a win and something to be brought to their state. Florida doesn’t exist in a vacuum.

  14. It is just instrumentals, he confirmed in a comment

  15. His beats are tight. I’d love to hear them first tho before ordering the record

  16. they’re all of already released songs

  17. My b. I’ve never even thought to check out his solo stuff

  18. He’s only got 3 official albums. Just start with The Never Story

  19. Cringe logic ain’t in sight. This shit hot

  20. Holy shit is that the maniac?? He does look familiar

  21. you can deflect genichiro's grab? never knew that

  22. To add to this, I think there should be a mechanic to counter them. Similar to the mikiri counter. As some are fast and others are slow. But a slight shoulder tap locks you in. Maybe deflecting as soon as it hits you pushes them off or something.

  23. Idk if it works for other grab moves, but you can deflect Snake Eyes’ grab if you time it right.

  24. It’s most certainly for the employees, most likely for corporate employees. I can’t imagine hourly HD employees being given a pamphlet like this. It’s HR at an office

  25. Fucking sick dude. Good work

  26. Not to the same extent as ER imo.

  27. Lol exactly. Sekiro is probably THE most unforgiving From game. ER might be the most forgiving

  28. I mean. I’d prefer they have it put away in public. With smokers they at least stay near the ash tray and butt holders on the cement trashcans. People vaping walk and do it. Don’t care how little the damage is from the second hand vapor of a vape I just want it as far as possible from my kids.

  29. You’d think “Truth” would come up with better commercials after ages of dogshit ones. That ad is truly awful, and whoever they paid to make it is a crook

  30. Or consumes any “drugs” at all.

  31. Thank you for letting us know. You will be missed.

  32. No one's got it? I have the SoS instrumentals, and would love to have these too.

  33. Cool design but idk whether to trust their QC

  34. Graphic design is my passion

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