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  1. 5ft 3in PNW just everyday outfits, nothing special.

  2. I'm passionate about animating and game developing, but I never have time for it since school gets in my way.

  3. Well as a mom I have to say school comes first. Sorry for the lecture lol

  4. Writing, drawing, loom bracelets, daydreaming(I'm unsure if that actually counts), Pokémon, anatomy and physiology, how people describe themselves in relation to their gender and sexuality (labels I guess is a better term), a mobile game called Cookie Run. That's a lot, apologies.

  5. No not all! That’s great you have so many interests! 😊

  6. Hmm I’m not loving the two together. Do you have a regular denim jacket?

  7. You have some really great outfits! Love the pop of red. ❤️

  8. Love this look! I might copy it tomorrow tbh lol

  9. I’m jealous you are in an area that’s warm enough to wear shorts lol you look really cute though!

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