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  1. I would simplify it more. If you're sprinkling in some growth - maybe look into VUG. It tracks growth companies big and small and across different industries. Tech might be hot today but not so much tomorrow. Personally I would do:

  2. Sounds like an interesting project. I will give it a shot, thank you!

  3. If I had to guess, I would think that one might be able to pick up AAPL shares at a discount from current prices between now and earnings. It is sitting close to an all time high.

  4. When are the next earnings date?

  5. I just finished developing an app to do just this. I've been primarily using it to log my small business expenses. I am looking for some testers if you are interested. Link is:

  6. Glad everything turned out ok!

  7. Signed! This needs to happen nationwide!

  8. Are their announcements on this stock next week?

  9. Why do you think it will dip?

  10. Because basically all stonks dipped after ER this quarter even when numbers were good. FB, DIS, AAPL briefly

  11. I noticed that. Whats the reasoning behind this?

  12. "No one drop thinks its responsible for the flood". That's the kind of mentality that is holding us back. The climate has been in the forefront now more than it has ever been. We need to continue taking action and spreading the knowledge.

  13. I really dont understand how people are still accustomed to buying bottled water. It comes out of your faucet.. practically free.

  14. It's often simpler for developers to just start from scratch and design / develop the product. Assuming the app was reverse engineered, it would then need to be manually decrypted, understood and rewired to implement the custom components for the new app.

  15. I can help you take a look at it (app developer here).

  16. I bought an Audi S5 about two years ago when I felt comfortable enough paying for it (I work as a software engineer). Coming from someone who drove a 04' Civic to the ground, it felt like a spaceship. I travel quite a lot so it does make the experience a lot better. The car is payed off. I didn't have the cleanest driving record, the insurance was more of a burden to me than the car payment but its better now. Maintenance cost is pretty expensive now that its out of warranty but I expected it.

  17. I've been using Vio for about 4 months now. I signed up when it was 2.52%. Besides the lowsy mobile app, I havn't had any issues with them.

  18. Are you locked in at 2.52% or does it fluctuate? (E.g. as of now you’d be at 2.42% as advertised.)

  19. Nope, it went down to 2.42% unfortunately

  20. Working with Facebook login takes the cake for me in terms of causing straight anxiety and de-motivation.

  21. Used to spend $10+ a day on lunch, cut that down to upto $5 a day. I've also been packing alot more. Changing this habit is saving me $200+ a month. PS. work in DC, mcdonalds dollar menu has been my goto the days i dont pack

  22. First off, congrats on takings strides and working hard to change up your situation! Not sure where you are from, but a lot of online banks in the US have more than 2% interest on savings account (recently switched over to Vio Bank which offers 2.52%). Why not switch over to something like that over the no min limit CDs?

  23. Not sure which city you're living in but im thinking the taxi business might not be the best business to get into right now. With on-demand ride services like Uber and Lyft taking off and exploding world-wide, the standard taxi business is struggling as it is.

  24. Thanks!! Thats a great idea, ideally I wouldn’t have anyone have to use social login just to join my mailing list though.

  25. You can also implement a email registration process if you dont want to go the social media connection route. Else you can just ask a user for their email address and store that somewhere in your database if they are interested in joining a mailing list. Incentivizing this may work.

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