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  1. it was cute. Pete just seems so real and authentic in his movies..that it makes me wonder how he always laughed/broke character on SNL. Kaley needs to host SNL!!

  2. You can get multiple takes in movies

  3. I always liked him. Wasn’t Chris Parnell the one who said he got axed by the show but Ferrell convinced LM to hire him back

  4. I have also heard similar! The original firing is cited as “budget cuts” on his wiki but does not specify the reason for his return

  5. The Live From NY book gets into it. Lorne kept yanking his chain that he was hoping to find a way to bring him back.

  6. Yes. I remember when Parnell was inserted back into the opening credits in March 2002. Watched the ep live on TV. It was shocking. This was pre-social media, so his return was a complete surprise to the public. “Wait wait did Pardo just say Parnell???”

  7. For an always on display? Go buy a real watch if that’s your priority

  8. As someone who upgraded from the S3 to the S7 last year, I disagree. Always-on is a game changer. Without it, you have to do these dramatic full arm raises of the wrist each time. So often now I keep my arm where it is and just glance. Feels so much more subtle to do in public too.

  9. Yes! I almost posted this the other day.

  10. ok calm down with the downvotes bruh it's just a simple question not an argument about the future of earth

  11. It’s because you were condescending

  12. My god this sketch is so good

  13. Getting non-renewed is not fired and since we're not at the negotiating table, it takes two to tango and sometimes the money just isn't right if there are other offers around or if they feel like they can do better in another venue.

  14. Not-renewed = involuntary dismissal by your employer = a prettier way of saying fired or let go.

  15. I’ve seen complaints about Higgins

  16. This was his first season. He kept it together then.

  17. We have to figure a way to let Carvey and Spade know our grievances. I really want to love FOTW but their interviewing and hosting mishaps must be fixed.

  18. They seem pretty self aware at this point. They make tons of jokes about it.

  19. Buble killed it here. That sketch takes real acting chops.

  20. Never seen a big musical number sketch with such a small cast.

  21. Good. Get it right. Plus the M1 user base is so small that most people won’t notice.

  22. All of Tim Meadows’s impressions were basically Tim Meadows.

  23. The bad boys era was about the explosion of young fresh faces in the early 90’s, with a very different tone from the late 80’s cast. While Tim was there, he didn’t break out until 1995, so his glory days are part of a different era.

  24. The George Carlin section had me laughing out loud in public.

  25. And Aykroyd eventually did a whole Dragnet movie. Look up the music video with Tom Hanks.

  26. She's bloody wonderful. Her in the Michael Jordan sketch absolutely sky-rocketed her to my top 15 of all time cast.

  27. Yeah she deserved an Emmy nom from that alone

  28. OP must have taken that screenshot down because none of them ask for M1 exclusive anything.

  29. Saying “they put an M1 in the iPad, and it is wasted” inherently implies wanting M1 features.

  30. Oh I agree, but did you mean to omit “exclusive” just now?

  31. I’m not following. If a feature is for an M1 device, that means exclusive to M1. How could you have an M1 feature that is backwards compatible? That would just make it a general iPadOS feature, not an M1 feature.


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