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  1. Are you interested in pursuing a career in software development? I currently work as a boot camp instructor and have heard many stories similar to yours. The reality is that college is just not for everyone. While not cheap, a coding bootcamp could be an opportunity to level up quickly and gain real-world programming skills. I am not here to sell you on any particular camp but just to suggest it as something you might want to research :)

  2. I always think it's Charles Bukowski.

  3. Pretty sure you're correct. if not, this image was definitely inspiration at least:

  4. I would also argue is unethical to hire/interview based on sex, religion, age or any other protected status

  5. I think this post is not within the subreddit’s guidelines and will get banned soon. There are other subreddits for CS career questions though I don’t know them right now. Look for those, they will give better feedback on this kind of question anyway

  6. thanks - I seem to have misread the posting guidelines...They are a little hard to parse haha

  7. Your resume is pretty light on details for a senior dev looking to move up, like you give no technical details or even stack other than what is listed under your skills. For 12 years of experience, I think you need to break down into detail more each of your previous jobs and how you actually did what you claimed.

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