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  1. I'm currently planning a very similar set up and this had a lot of helpful info. I also noticed you didn't mentioned anything about a video scene switchboard, does the gato provide enough hot keys for switching scenes on streamlabs for your needs?

  2. Yeah, it isn’t a 12 (the first one!) it’s a six; we used an adapter from XLR to composite to get our last mic in!

  3. I knew it said six but when I read it again it a second time all I could see was 12

  4. Bear, the storyteller, is a hulking beast of a creature with the ambiguous history to back up his promises. He is modeled after a grizzly bear (North American brown) and has a heavy chest plate strapped to his chest, along with an eye patch over his right eye and a gnarly bite out of his right ear. On his left arm he has polsihed steel gauntlet with wolverine-esque retracted blades, but obviously much larger and serated. I also envision him with a large pipe and heavy wafting smoke permeating the air around him in a dark and dismal scene. As far as other clothes or items go, that's up to the artist as I am not good with small scenery accessories.

  5. For me i would love the simplicity and familiarity of one note with the organization and structure of world anvil. WA is really solid, but I need to flip back between note tabs very quickly when both writing, note taking, and DMing and their linking system doesn't feel intuitive (though I do like how they do it). One note is my default because their hyperlink feature really covers my ass if I think of something I might need ahead of time, but if I need a name I wasn't ready for, I have to break pace and go look it up in my wiki tables.

  6. Now that's a great question! Wound-rous words and fatal phrases is a great idea for world building. I'm glad I ran into you

  7. I know nothing about paint or how difficult it likely is to color match so many different shades; having said that, if you have the ability to hide monsters amongst the scenery so the more you look the more you see, thatd be one cool picture

  8. I love that idea. Most of my creatures are a little less subtle. Haha but I’m definitely going to color match some things.

  9. Oh there should definitely be less subtle monsters, get the viewers attention first then as they go the world unfolds!

  10. If you're looking for something that takes a 2d image and makes a traversible 3d world out of it, I doubt that even exists. You be better off using something like world anvil, uploading a portion of the map and then placing a marker down where they currently are. There really isn't any point to showing an entire map unless they can travel across the entire world in a day, which would mean either the world is very small or they are going very fast

  11. Do you know the last time they molted? Could be a growth spurt

  12. I have like 60 shrimp so I definitely can’t keep track of all the molts lol but I regularly find perfectly she’s molts around the tank so they should be fine but this is weirder. Like I can see their flesh in between. It’s like when you eat shrimp and you pull the head off and the meat it left.

  13. Oh I literally thought you only had one shrimp, im smart lol some shrimp will also eat other shrimp if they get the chance and they're hungry enough. I wish I knew more about them to help. Maybe increasing feeding would help or separate the beta out? I think they're fairly territorial if I recall correctly.

  14. Thats actually really interesting how your distortions just went away, or at least appeared to go away. I'm curious to see how well the cast comes out! I've thought about doing this but was wary on results

  15. The last picture has the cast piece, it's just a simple cone shaped bead with a concave bottom. I assume giving the spirits more time to penetrate the silicone loosened up the larger parts taking care of the distortion? I'm not really sure.

  16. Wish I had an answer for that one. Are you going to try the reverse sizing process as well? If I remember you mix half spirits with half (mixed) silicone and it shrivels.

  17. I hate how jealous I am of this introduction, I am such a fan boy for nice touches like this

  18. Yes you can make this with resin and its very easy to do this particular project. Basically, you just need a small mold, the resin, and alcohol ink. Some of these are powder colors but we can skip that for now. To make these you would mix up your part A and B resin and then add whatever color you wanted (not white or black) and mix well. Pour the resin into the mold and wait a few minutes for the resin to barely start curing. Take white ink and drip it onto several different spots on the open mold and it should start sinking while curing.

  19. Great description! If I wanted to add a magnet in there like what they did in the picture, when would you suggest putting it in (or how)?

  20. Easy! Put a small dab of hot glue on the magnet and put that in the empty mold first, then do the resin.

  21. Might be weird or not, but a friend of mine lost his father in the past year, and I'm planning to include an arc for his PCs with his in-game father. Hopefully that'll give him good feels.

  22. That could a really nice way for him to say goodbye if he needs that kind of thing. Hope it works out

  23. I'm doing this right now actually, but with two groups instead of three. Its massive world so its going to take a while to run but I have ten total players and its amazing

  24. What bit did you use for the cnc and how deep did you cut? I really want to try their inlay paths and see how it looks.

  25. If you're only using it for notes any laptop will do so long as you're using cloud based note taking software like Google docs or one note. You don't need an expensive piece of high end equipment for browser only usages.

  26. The wood looks between .5 inch and .75 inch to me so I'd just use a cnc machine if you have access to one. It wouldn't take any time at all for that thing to make numerous of these pieces.

  27. That sun spot hits me right in the soul. Really great piece here

  28. They'll need a pulley system to get their jaw off the floor when they see the accidental deaths in cars. Those accidents took the lives of over 35,000 people in 2020 despite that we were supposed to be staying inside

  29. Have you made tattoos for people before? These are really well done and I love the style

  30. Sure I’ve had a few people follow through with my designs…I’m currently an apprentice so I spend a lot of time on design so once I’m tattooing I have plenty of flash until I ultimately do straight custom work

  31. That's incredible, I can already tell you're going to do very well for yourself.

  32. Spellcaster definitely sounds like your vibe since in many settings the well experienced mages can be a costly resource. And instant cool factor could be one of the new dragon subclasses, but the only caster who gets one is ranger with their drakewarden sub class. You get a dragon at level 3 who runs around with you.

  33. I'm going to be honest, i thought this was going to be hard cringe but I was pleasantly surprised. Your pacing as well as the voice itself were very even and stable, which I personally find hard to do when I'm doing similar voices and could definitely not have done as well as you did here. Thats one for the win column

  34. You already posted this. Don't karma farm

  35. Sorry, I am new to Reddit. I thought it was okay to post in different subreddits.

  36. I thought it was the same sub I saw before. You're fine.

  37. I guess based on my perspective you haven't asked yourself a crucial question: are you as the dm still having fun? If I were you I'd make it very clear that of course the players are free to enjoy other games and the work done by other DMs, but while they're at your table they should be focused on your game. It's actually quite rude for them to talk like that, you don't talk about how much better previous players are, do you? Beyond that, if you're the kind of dm who wants a goof off session you should have players who follow that. Theres nothing wrong with a group separating because they want different things despite how much work has gone into the world thus far. (And as a fellow dm, I dont say that lightly)

  38. I prefer these old static menus ot the stupid TV screens now,where everything is moving and chnging,often never in the same spot.

  39. You mean you don't like being blinded, dazed and confused shortly before eating?

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