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  1. I don’t allow it in my leagues. Managers are required to play for the week, or to get themselves into the playoffs. Thankfully all are on board with that.

  2. So a manager on the day bench his players to win turnover isn’t allowed to gain the last playoff position. This is some sick commie type position. Have a minimum games per week if that is your concern.

  3. Bam/Butler/Gobert 12T H2H punt pts/ft/to Will be 6th last playoff seed. everyone wants to trade for Bam. Butler starting to play b2b. Gobert finally wrapping up.

  4. I don't have an IL+ spot. So you think it would be a good idea to trade JOkic? I miss out when he rests back 2 backs.. and i'll get 3 players in return (sucks they all guards)

  5. Do a counter offer including another player with F or C eligibility. Otherwise these players may sit on plentiful days

  6. She’s a keeper man. punctuate with a ring.

  7. Look like Forest Gump is valeting today.

  8. Definitely KATowing to fantasy league owners.

  9. I dropped Okongwu for Larry Nance before Capella got injured. Then traded Nance for Ben Simmons.

  10. Also steaming is maximizing on games played. If there is no cap to games played per week, then streaming is key to get those extra 3 to 7 games per week. 3 games extra of a 100 to 150 rank player is basically the same as having a top 75 player in each of those 2 spots. During years where there are a lot of injuries or shutdown tanking, streaming is not a choice if you want to win. (Edit: It is a survival necessity.)

  11. How about if your league has a game limit of 40 games per week with a 13 player roster for 12 team league?

  12. We are not playing in a rational world. The money is there

  13. Not a bad trade at all. Jokic is great but can't produce the same as two people will.

  14. Not true . Better to compare Jokic and replacement off your waiver wire against those two players

  15. Trae about to go AI on us. We talkin bout practice.

  16. You file for financial independence and put you your money where your mouth is

  17. I had 7 players out last week, so I made zero roster moves and just chalked the week up to a loss. I still won (steals, blocks, FT%, turnovers, 3PM) lmao. My opponent destroyed me in points boards and assists but I snuck out that 5-4🤣

  18. What’s you’re puny build? Interesting

  19. Pick up Kemba Walker and trade him for Kawhi.

  20. Mitch Robinson reported injured. Here Hart’s chance to shine.

  21. Chalk the Kobe move on Jerry West not tanking

  22. You don't punt anything with Jokic. You just pick best player available and then access your strat from there. There is a reason why Jokic is the god in fantasy rn

  23. You usually get back to back picks when you choose Jokic so take best available and then determine strengths and weakness at 4th abd 5th pick

  24. Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind

  25. You don’t decide punt strat based on Jokic. Better to Base it on the next couple of players you complement him on.

  26. I would like to see him begrudgingly selling photos using his phone as a quick way to make much needed money

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