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  1. Why are we letting a loud noisy minority of people dictate what books are allowed? As a society haven’t we had enough of this? What are people afraid of to say “No, you can’t ban this book”?

  2. Exactly. The message hasn’t changed because he’s incapable of it. Most of the big backers got what they want and need him to move along. The establishment wants the legal proceedings to do their job. And doubtful his old handlers care anymore. They’ve moved on. Except for Gollum. He’d like another crack at being a terrible human.

  3. This is the most disturbing part: "use force to repel, arrest, and detain known transnational cartel operatives in the border region."

  4. This entire bill is stupid but the clause about no electronic/mechanical devices is so broad it would literally stop you from having anything implanted like say a pacemaker.

  5. Honestly, I'm quite disappointed that no one in the press or politics or even on Reddit has pointed out that the Michigan GOP was simply wrong on their comparison to Nazi Germany. The Weimar Republic heavily regulated private gun ownership and when Hitler took power, he EASED gun ownership restrictions for ethnic Germans while institution an all out ban for Jews. That's right, Hitler removed gun restrictions. That's just historical fact. Further, the implication is that private gun ownership would have magically lifted German Jews above the power of the state. That is false, and is exemplified by the Warsaw Ghetto uprisings.

  6. Hate to tell you but they aren’t interested in facts. You’re correct but this is about protecting the gun sale to political donation pipeline. It has nothing to do with a well regulated militia.

  7. No and you don’t have to go any further than the first paragraph, specifically “… embarrassing not only because of the topic…”

  8. Congress has zero authority here. They could try to badger Mueller or Garland or others in the government, but NY has complete sovereignty in their investigation.

  9. Intimidation is the only tactic here. Intimidate the grand jury (protests, bombthreats and I’m sure things not surfaced to the press yet), intimidate the DA, and I’m sure intimidate the by standers.

  10. I would love to get to a point where every time he says anything, it's not a news article.

  11. But then how will the clicks happen?

  12. Insane that conservative groups used to praise this system years ago, and now turn against it when it’s convenient. The hypocrisy will never end.

  13. Even better is they have no actual facts based reason to be against. It’s literal speculation used as the excuse.

  14. While I lack empirical evidence history suggest those who wish to oppress others are almost always scum bags themselves.

  15. Last summer, there was a bunch of reporting about how the worst scoring Whataburger’s were in Austin. I’ve been telling people to try it on a road trip and see what they think.

  16. Sadly agree. Just did one and reluctantly stopped for breakfast. I fully expected an incorrect order, poorly made, and over salted. Instead I got a actual edible biscuit sandwich. I was surprised. It was in one of the new gray buildings which was off putting.

  17. There are a lot of IT opportunities posted on VolunteerMatch, but they always appear to be to be a way to sidestep hiring an actual IT person.

  18. This right here. A long time ago I tried to help out two non profits and in both cases it went far beyond some simple straight work. One wanted me to help get them free hardware via requests to computer makers and then maintain it all. Another wanted me to not only build and run their network but also their bookkeeping and email campaigns.

  19. In a weird way I’d like to see any protests. Let’s see how many people actually are enough to give up they’re time to go protest for someone to defend someone being above the law. Let’s see who the supporters are. Name them in public.

  20. Tomorrow they can say 14M and I’ll still say and how are you going to get here?

  21. Just what Texas needs: more unaccountable cops. We saw how well that worked out for Uvalde.

  22. You don’t expect our Governor and the legislature to actually worry about real issues that will truly impact Texans do you?

  23. Genuinely curious, how’s your power holding up this year?

  24. Out once. Though that was due to ice breaking tree limbs which can happen anywhere.

  25. Same boat. Dad of 2 and I fought to squeeze in time at my desk. The SD is a game changer.

  26. You don’t get the newsletter?

  27. In all seriousness imagine you’re sitting across from this guy when he tells you this with a straight face. Then thinking that this guy truly believes this and believes that it isn’t Satan’s plan to burn as much coal as possible and ruining the environment.

  28. Gotta love how it’s for “future” beneficiaries and clearly calling out “not ones about to retire” all without specifics. This is so they can test the waters at what age does voting fury die off vs the max votes lost. Given that the GOP doesn’t get a lot of young voters it’s not an issue to cut younger but they need to know where that sliding scale has to stop.

  29. Seriously who does he think he is trying to make America a better country! Next he’ll push for more healthcare and better education. And treating people equally. And protecting voting rights. And not fucking over allied nations and giving away their countries so someone will let him slap his name on some cheap products. Or he might try and make our environment better.

  30. Putting a disclaimer about /s tags at the end is no different than putting the tag itself there

  31. Thank you for taking the time to point that out.

  32. Hey West Virginians, what the fuck are y'all doing over there?

  33. Well now they need AK’s law about younger kids working and they can have child bride employees.

  34. This past post discusses how they got it working via the command line version to set up UMM for a game. This should work as I’ve done similar using mono for the MacOS to use the command line version and getting it working with Wrath. You will probably need to know your file paths.

  35. This concept has been pushed in some circles for quite a while. It’s as sad as it is disgusting. Because let’s just admit the kids they’re thinking about are brown and then poor in that order.

  36. While Tucker is doing his hack job don’t forget it was McCarthy who explicitly made this happen. He can’t feign ignorance to the outcome. This is exactly what he wanted.

  37. So an organization designed to strengthen voting integrity that’s promoted even by the Heritage Foundation(!) is seeing three states pull out because of “investigations” into unfounded accusations. Sounds about right.

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