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  1. I want a sunburst one I already know about them ones

  2. Shooters shoot bro! Just going to have to go up to her and see what's up. That's the best advice I can give you. Overthinking will drive you crazy.

  3. There is an app for Android and iPhone named: collectors map. I use it and recommend

  4. I can't say that exactly, but in Casino Guitars video today Baxter hinted a couple of times that Fender will be releasing new models soon. Who knows what will be released, but something new is coming!

  5. I do think it's time, I feel like we've the current models for ages

  6. I'd I was doing the front close and that happened to me I would just probably CRTL, ALT, DELETE my self right there

  7. The Chicken Big Mac being tested right now is two Crispy Chicken filets instead of reg meat. Everything else is the same.

  8. We had it in as a promo in England for a bit had to be taken off the menu temporarily because of how popular it was and the stores couldn't keep up with the demands

  9. My place wanted me to get the crew trainer role after being the 6 months I've been there just over a year now only a crew trainer since February time and they now want me to be a area leader now

  10. Being an AL is much more of a commitment, most stores don't have area leaders but it's great to put on Ur resume.

  11. I am going for it but the book and the e-learning is way to long just cba with. My 1st assistant wants to put me on the salary schedule though for next month

  12. Don’t worry about it! I’m 17 tomorrow, and I had my interview in January. They won’t ask any weird questions, just something like “What would you bring to McDonald’s?” like, how could you be a good worker. Say that you want to be useful and just say good things about yourself! Maybe include some minor bad things that won’t really matter but only if they ask for it

  13. What I found with my interview was that they were basically asking about respect but saying it in different ways

  14. At my place they make us do a 4 point system so basically main, side, drink and dessert and if you want one of the promo things they cost 2 points. But when the salaried aren't there and you know the shift manager won't care people just make there own burgers and stuff to them

  15. Looking at sthe ser for the bexhill they played it for the encore but it was just that no just a day

  16. That’s interesting, I thought they’d be more likely to play just a day tbf

  17. There's a switch on the other side of that pillar

  18. Any song of the wasting light album

  19. I'll take a look to it, any song in of that album you really like?

  20. I’m interested in the olympic white one. How is this one going for you?

  21. It's really good! I might change the pickups but everything else is decent.

  22. How do you feel about the bridge? Which pickups are you thinking? I was really into the Duncan anitiquitys. Or the fender pure vintage

  23. I dont mind the bridge to be honest but I'm going to get a new one but I dont know what it's called. I'm thinking of getting seymour Duncan Quater Pounders because the guitarist in my favourite band uses them and I really like his sound.

  24. Weapons, horses, horse upgrades, cloths,

  25. The Squier Vintage Modifieds and Classic Vibes are amazing guitars. I have several 3 VM Jags and 1 VM Jazzmaster and 1 CV Jazzmaster.

  26. I own a shell pink classic vibe jaguar but the only problem is that the rattle with the bridge is mental

  27. I meant to put its one of the best guitars I own

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