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Hamlin and KyBusch cars have been DQ'd ...

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  1. Seems like a great idea. I hope so. Is there a watch party for tomorrow's game at the stadium?

  2. There is a watch party at the tap house.

  3. Looks like how they came up with the cavalier.

  4. Pre-Internet it was a lot less complicated. It used to be the case that you could study a bunch of books and know virtually everything there was to know. That's impossible now.

  5. I like to ride my bicycle. I like to ride my bike.

  6. Really hoping they have extras and they end up on their site. The poster is usually my go to souvenir and I forgot to get one. Probably because they didn't have any last tour.

  7. I think a lot of what you are seeing is just confidence most of the time. Those guys don't know everything. They are just confident in their answers. Right or wrong.

  8. Can...can we get Coheed and MCR the whole tour next time please? Love, Boston

  9. I love that song. I work in IT. If I ever write code I like to use "Systems malfunction. Blast it, This damn machine, over and out captain" as part of the error code.

  10. Bring rain gear based on forecast 😅

  11. Pretty sure the last few times coheed has been to Pittsburgh it has rained a little.

  12. I think when they came with Mastodon it rained before the show but not during either of their sets. I can't remember if it rained when they came with Taking Back Sunday or not.

  13. I definitely remember it raining for the show with TBS. Not much though. Just enough to be annoying.

  14. It just means that Denny wrecking Ross also didn't count.

  15. How’d the crowd react to losing 20 laps of racing?

  16. People weren't happy. Especially since they announced it would be 70 green flag laps (unlike last week). We had no idea what was going on because there was no info coming over the PA.

  17. Did you catch on that he had Denny and Marks on and was asking a lot of owner questions lol.

  18. I'd love for a show that was hosted by an owner(s) and get their perspective. Denny should just start his own show.

  19. They should have different rules for dirt races. Damage is gauranteed at these types of tracks.

  20. How about simply having some water in the pits to refill a radiator.

  21. Got my email that the vinyl shipped and another email with 3 links to the 3 singles. Confused why I got that email with the singles.

  22. I like how retro it looks. I’m willing to be it’s overpriced because of the name plate though.

  23. $79.99 and it looks like it's sold out already.

  24. Can anyone actually get to the pre order page?

  25. Yeah, it won't be driven until it gets an alignment. I didn't realize it was going to be that off though.

  26. Was reminding myself while reading these comments "Taste differs so much when it comes to music. Coheed and Alkaline are sort of in the same genres but also not really. And different age groups probably play a part if people only grew up listening to some of their stuff." With that last part in particular I'm a little surprised at some people's suggestions, in that it's mostly their newer songs.

  27. Personally I like when coheed plays with someone that compliments them and is less like them. I prefer they don't play with another prog band. I might be in the minority that liked the taking back Sunday and the used tours more than the mastodon tour.

  28. Yes! Missed bad religion/alkaline trio because it got canceled due to the pandemic.

  29. YouTube tv works the same way (past events). Awesome feature.

  30. Blaney thanking nascar for screwing him. What a standup guy. He just got another fan.

  31. Everyone but blaney should park it in protest.

  32. So when a race is postponed are the cars inspected again or the cars stay put?

  33. No changes. That's why Hamlin had newer tires, because he pitted right before the rain.

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