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  1. Who finds these dipshits funny other than themselves?

  2. Well, if it’s not on the top, it’s not a top bun.

  3. So, basically states where old people go to retire? Ha! I don't think this is a facepalm at all. Just recognition of an untapped demographic

  4. The facepalm is that they were supposed to replace taxis, but are now becoming exactly what they aimed to replace.

  5. My milkshake brings me back to the rock, and I’m like, I shoulda let go. Damn right, I shoulda let go. I could teach you, with a bruise to show.

  6. What’s creepy about two skinless dead humans hitting it reverse cowgirl


  8. Interesting that it made it on the pavement fine but the second it got to the grass it explodes

  9. If you say wit you don’t need to say onions for future reference, looks great friend

  10. They’re all different sizes. If you really wanna know get a food scale and weigh it.

  11. That's really not what they said at all.

  12. It’s refreshing to know there are people on Reddit who can hear a basic statement without drawing wild conclusions and getting dramatically triggered.

  13. The bigger you are, the more health/medical related complications you’ll incur. It’s that simple.

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