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  1. Ah glitter, the herpes of crafting.

  2. My favorite way to describe how much I hate glitter! One of my college classmates said this while we were working once and it stuck with me ever since. I'm the events services director at a college and I have banned the use of glitter at all events because it's impossible to get rid of it once it's been introduced into an environment. Six years later, and I still have a speaker full of the stuff from the last time it was used before I enacted the ban. I hate the stuff.

  3. These crowd mics are driving me nuts. So much bleed from the PA. They're creating weird phase issues with the close mics and kind of ruining the experience for me.

  4. Festival bullshit. But the set list is fun so far.

  5. Agreed on that point, definitely nice to change it up the way they have since the Europe run!

  6. Grew up hearing Enter Sandman at sports games from time to time. Didn't really know who the band was until I was in high school and college, but didn't dive into their music until just a couple years ago after S&M2 came out. Bought the big ticket box set with all the goodies, and the rest is history.

  7. This is not a good sign. And suddenly the lack any additional updates or features in Studio One 5 in the last six months makes so much sense. Sounds like the development team has been pulled off the program and tasked with something else. Now, if I'm not mistaken, isn't Capture 3 the software he wants? I use Capture all the time with my StudioLive gear, and it's literally so easy. Set up the session and press Record, and you're "off to the races", in his own words. I've also recorded directly into S1 from both StudioLive and other consoles and interfaces, and again, it's incredibly easy to do. This guy needs to reevaluate his position, and while he's at it, watch Joe Gilder and Gregor Beyerle demonstrate how intuitive and simple S1 is.

  8. That's an Amphenol connector. They're impossible to find, in my (admittedly limited) experience. The good news is that it probably can be adapted to a modern XLR plug. I have a Shure 55S from 1964 that was modified to accept modern XLR jacks, but the drawback is that it doesn't lock in place, so I have to tape the cable in place to maintain the connection. I've considered modifying a cable to fit the XLR pins inside an Amphenol housing, but I don't have the right equipment or skills to make that goal a reality.

  9. Is it like the targeted loot system in countdown, or its random drops?

  10. Targeted, and you can set the target manually like in the Summit.

  11. They're great shades. I love mine. Definitely worth the investment.

  12. Funny this should be posted today. My priest preached a homily on Confession today and one of the big points was that priests have the grace of forgetfulness. He said they hear so many confessions that they get to a point where they walk out of the confessional and immediately forget what they heard while they were in there.

  13. Just as a recommendation for portable tablet based mixers I'm going to throw the recommendation of the Makie DL32, the interface is really intuitive and they go for around 1000 to 2000 quid. Great bit of gear and they're super reliable. At work we just bought two more. Personally I'm an analogue mixer guy. I prefer to have physical control of stuff but these with a control surface are a good compromise.

  14. Guys I know who used a DL32S for a while just informed me it died a couple months back, out of the blue. I'd avoid it

  15. Giorgio by Moroder - Daft Punk — good for overall balance testing

  16. As a kid, FLW's designs were a big part of what made me go to Architecture school, and that was where I found that most architects are egotistical maniacs determined to ignore Engineering in creating their structures.

  17. I work on a college campus whose buildings are all inspired by FLW, particularly Fallingwater. Most of the buildings have mold, leaks, and other problems. These buildings should never have been approved for construction in Florida, where falling water is a daily occurrence for five straight months every year. But oh well, here we are. On the bright side, the rooms I work in don't sound horrendous.

  18. Dammit, you beat me to it, I was gonna post this one! The energy is absolutely unmatched.

  19. The blacklist, so many loopholes and a never ending plot. I mean, the female hero (forgot her name) was wanted and had her pictures broadcast nationwide live, but a couple of weeks after she can do undercover work

  20. So glad I didn't have to scroll too far to find this. O made it through season 7 before giving up on it. Just not interested any more in what is going on, because the writers don't have any direction and kept going back and forth on who Liz's parents are, to the point of absurdity. No more.

  21. "Work the problem" has become a part of my vocabulary thanks to the show. I've also used "ignore and override", "flip the switch", and "prioritize and execute" on occasion. There are probably other sayings I've adopted too, but I can't remember them offhand.

  22. They shifted into an African focus in seasons 4 and 5, going after Boko Haram. I don't see them dropping that storyline all that quickly.

  23. Seriously. That song was added to the Library of Congress National Recording Registry. At the time, the registry held 450 songs in total, which is intended for preserving recordings deemed “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.”

  24. To date, the entire album is the only heavy metal album to be added to the National Recording Registry, which is a testament to how good it is.

  25. I've left equipment running for weeks straight in one of the rooms I manage, with almost no issues. Rarely, it will happen that the digital stage boxes will disconnect from the desk, which means a full system reboot, or in another room the console will freeze up, which also means reboot, but beyond that, everything tends to stay on. For outdoor stuff, I only do one-day gigs at the place where I work, but once I boot up for the day, everything stays on until the gig is over. Would I prefer to shut all the indoor gear down at the end of the day? Yes, definitely. But more often than not, that's not an option.

  26. Danggg anyway you could get those to me I’d love to see them 🔥🔥🔥 This is the way

  27. I've seen anime vaginas once or twice. That shit is ultra cringe.

  28. There is so much misunderstanding around what Dobbs signifies. I'm celebrating today, and grateful that God has given us this victory. I pray He will grant us more like this. Undoing the flawed logic that claimed abortion as a constitutional right is a massive victory for federalism and for Catholics who have fought for decades to protect the sanctity of human life from conception. The federal government cannot legislate whether each state must allow abortion anymore. It is up to the citizens to decide what they want, which is the way it should have been all along (same for Obergefell and other cases like it). We've already seen Missouri outlaw abortion completely today. I hope to see many more states follow suit in the coming weeks. Dobbs is a landmark in Supreme Court history, demonstrating good legal reasoning on a prima facie reading of the Constitution (similar to yesterday's decision striking down New York's unconstitutional gun control law requiring demonstration of probable cause to obtain a concealed carry license for use outside one's home, which violated the natural and constitutional right to self-defense).

  29. Lashing out the action Returning the reaction Weak are ripped and torn away

  30. Smashing through the boundaries Lunacy has found me Battery is here to stay! Pounding out aggression Turns into obsession Cannot kill the battery Cannot kill the battery, Battery is found in me!

  31. I will continue. Loop record, commands to stop and undo at once, not sure what exactly its called but you can start recording and if you miss something at the beginning you can add it in, it captures the few seconds before recording. Sorry I wish I knew the name of that I haven't used it in a while. But I don't recall other daws having that. Logic can do that with midi and not audio, for example.

  32. Pre-roll, I think, is the feature you're referring to. Studio One has it, and has since at least version 3 (when I started using it in 2016).

  33. JBL VRX 918SP is my go to. I have 8 of them and they're amazing. The VRX 932LA goes well with it but the top end can get a little sharp so mind that with GEQs.

  34. Seconding the VRX-918SP. I have four and they can deliver some seriously powerful bottom end. I got compliments last year from a well-known Virginia-based indie folk-rock band that played my venue on how powerful the bass was—they could feel it on stage, which I guess hadn't happened before. I have the 932LAP tops to go with, and you're right about them, they do get a bit sharp if you're not careful.

  35. I hear it in my head every time I listen to any version of that song

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