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My husband wants to eat mashed potatoes and gravy off my chest

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  1. Human nature is judgemental, people are ruled by that and teach it to the offspring. Judging a situation, i.e, will I talk to that person is different from saying that person is no good, which is judgementalism.

  2. The religion just change shape and the big people become the saints and gods and gurus......with much religious zeal.

  3. Read it by all means. It's open to anyone and everyone. The mod. who told u not to is plainly wrong and feeling threatened by the sounds of it. All the best. The bible is written with much imagery and deals with a lot of human issues and human nature. It also contains prophecy.

  4. I reckon the govts. want the price to stay high like everything else. Higher prices mean more revenue, for all tiers of govt. Higher prices = more GST. Most govts. are desperate for$$$$$$$$'s. As 4 fuel prices, predatory.

  5. Just looking at that gives me a hope in a crazed world. Thanx 4 the post.

  6. I understand..., male, love having witty interactions with females. Most males want to mansplain with females. I hear it from the older males and it's so, so sickening.

  7. Yeah what else would a Labour Comm. mini-star say. We may be somewhat stupid but not totally. Totally unbelievable. Feathering one's own nest.

  8. A yet were received in2 the kingdom. Aren't there some who will say when did we clothe u and feed u etc? Knew nothing about doing God's work?

  9. Yes. I won't go in2 it but he helped solve a major, major cold case crime. Still blows me out. Not a deep prayer, more like a request 2 help solve a related problem. More than mere coincidences with witnesses 2 verify. Have faith even it is small.

  10. Evolution means change. Many confuse this with adaptation. God wants us to change. The theory of evolution proposes that humans are improving 2wards is almost a religious utopian idea. And I reckon Charles Darwin gets some reverence or even worship pattern directed at him. maybe he is a priest if the secularist faithful.

  11. Maybe we r more than brain. maybe the other organs are involved in how we operate and function. The old ideas of logic and reason hold true, many put a lotta faith in2 those. Except when they r disorientated, confused and demented. The western world worships the/their brain. When u feel fear it is usually involving the stomach region. The brain has identified a fear and is sometimes wrong as it can be deluded. E.g, shadows being scary because they look like an unknown, there4 fear is engaged. Evolution requires more faith than i can muster. Maybe the heart is a spiritual centre.

  12. Everyone is indoctrinated to some degree. Even by the unsaid things.

  13. This ends up where it started, a narcissistic, isolated, intimate fearing life form.

  14. This challenges the belief that slaves are the typical stereotypes, usually dark skinned, and doing difficult work.

  15. With secular religious beliefs like, 'just do it', 'truth is relative', 'each to his/ her own,' etc. ad nauseum, what else do ya expect? Kids having kids.

  16. I've cut down on my daily ritual of newspapers and feel more empowered. I still go to social media. I might take a bigger break. The world system is generally negatively charged. Probably better for social control. 2b content with basic living and who u r helps. The religion of our day seems 2b politics and sport. They are belief systems complete with their gods when you think about it.

  17. What is religion? Many worship their doctors. It's all too broad to arrive at truth.

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