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  1. My wife saw it, said it was funny. That being said, she was the only one in the theater, and it was an evening show. We live in a Bible belt red state and you know how some of those people can be.

  2. M&M's introduces its first new character for over a decade and conservatives are already upset

  3. And Mitch said just recently he would still vote for him if he runs in ‘24. I’m guessing this threat won’t change that either.

  4. > And Mitch said just recently he would still vote for him if he runs in ‘24

  5. You know it was just left there on a shelf.

  6. I'm actually surprised the number isn't higher.

  7. I think the OP just wanted to point out that she was associated with this person once and it is very contrasting with who she claims to be now.

  8. There's also one of the GOPers who is running who used to be long-time friends with a drag queen. Guess what they're saying now?

  9. Until a Republican gets into office who will.

  10. For everyone thinking this is some kind of gotcha moment for Ron, remember that a lot of GOP politicians did this. A lot of them voted against certain states getting aid while begging for it when the state they represent gets hit with a disaster.

  11. Marco, you've never been right and we're pushing to make sure you lose the election.

  12. I have most of the Epic series that came out, just missing the last 2 issues, which are crazy expensive.

  13. From asking my buddy who ran a shop, he told me that you would have to specifically order these books from the previews book they had.

  14. Libertarians are just people who think they're too fancy to be Republicans.

  15. I mean, if heaven is full of those assholes that hate them, I can see why those kids wouldn't want to go there in the first place.

  16. Let’s be real, DeSantis LOVES that we got this storm right before elections, right after his shitty stunt. Best distraction and perfect chance for him to look like a “good guy”

  17. Exactly. This is gonna help him get reelected, as long as they don't get any photos of him shaking Biden's hand out there. That will be the kiss of death like it was for Christie.

  18. Part of me wishes Biden would be petty and refuse the Declaration of Emergency for Florida. Then be all like “Well maybe if you hadn’t wasted $12M on a dumbass publicity stunt you’d have money to help your people!”

  19. Kinda wish there was a recording of Ron asking for aid and Biden saying "say the magic word" and it gets released,

  20. The racist trolls lost their minds that a black woman touched something that belonged to a dead white guy.

  21. As much as I hate giving Trump credit, he didn't actually

  22. The only smart thing you can attribute to that is his commentary about being able to take advantage of Republican voters.

  23. There's already a photo of Biden and Ron together from the hotel disaster awhile back,

  24. I Googled "DeSantis shaking President Biden's hand" and nothing came up, so maybe Ron is hip to the game, and will just stand next to Biden and not shake his hand, in order to not upset his garbage base. But I'm definitely going to be watching how Ron behaves when DB visits Florida to assist with disaster relief efforts.

  25. I didn't say there was a photo of them shaking hands, only of one together.

  26. It's also the same MTG who harrassed a child after he survived a school schooting.

  27. This looks like an updated Key & Peele football players intro sketch for 2022.

  28. They've literally been praising Putin recently, Trump was endorsed by the KKK, the list is huge but they're two easy ones.

  29. They've been praising that right-wing Italian leader that just won.

  30. DeathSantis is on right now and he has stated that he thanked President Biden for his help in obtaining "socialist" money that the state needs.

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