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  1. bouldercrest, nine nine, friends, supersonic ft sahbabii, money over all, money & drugs, hellcat, fisher price, alma mater, buffie the body, srt

  2. he made baby voice songs on ice cream truck type beats back then, bro switched on😭

  3. he was LITERALLY the person who sold the songs and made all the money, so like idk why you guys think this was like revenge on him or sum😭😭 but he’s corny asf for the fake rolex and saying the n word🙎🏼‍♂️

  4. no revenge, hes corny and said ''yall will never listen to money & drugs''. i think i got like over 50 plays now on that lmao while he still flexes his ass vvv snippet or the lq snippet of bitch boy

  5. “The song loose it’s quality of other people can hear it”

  6. true lol yall started listening to money & drugs and the file instantly got potato quality 😭 😭 😭

  7. U Kan Do It Too was not listed on the V1 tracklist. The guy who received the tracklist said he got the name ''U Kan Get It'', but someone confused the names and put ''U Kan Get It Too''. Even the U Kan Get It snippet dates back from April 2019...

  8. this is the second post i saw with the same question wtf is happening with yall today

  9. Swamp was probably just supposing things, the rollout most likely will start on mid April since the most realistic date for it to drop is on May 2023

  10. bro this session is so funny carti deadass goin thru some crazy shit on it 😂

  11. yea the name is ''rover sport vroom vroom bring yo friends what what'' such a cool leak

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