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AITA for forbidding my sister to meet my child and telling my wife to butt out of the situation?

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  1. You have adopted your fathers gripes towards your mother, projected your mothers flaws onto your sister, and now you’re doing the same to your wife. Your mother may have done some shady and selfish shit, but what does that have to do with your sister or your wife? I think you should get some therapy and stop carrying your fathers weight around with you and start making your own decisions instead. It sounds like you’re bitter towards the women in your life because you associate them with your mother. YTA.

  2. Being able to play an instrument because it shows she has dedication and passion.

  3. There isn’t a break and even when you get a break it isn’t enough, and you’re tired all the time because you work all the time because you have to work to keep them alive, and then the anxiety of you not doing enough with them because you work all the time, and you’re too tired to do shit sets in, and then you lay awake realizing one day they will grow up, and leave you behind, and probably meet somebody who will move them across the country, and they will only call you once a week, but you’re still too tired to really do much the next day so you decide to make up for it on the weekend, but at the same time you have to make up all the other shit you were too tired to do on the weekend, and then you cry again because they are growing up so fast and you aren’t taking full advantage of this small window of time right now because you’re tired, and you believe with every fiber of your being that you are a shit parent. IT NEVER ENDS. MAKE IT STOP. MAKE THE ANXIETY STOP.

  4. I’d go with Physical Graffiti over In through the out door. Feel like ITTOD isn’t quite as complete

  5. Physical Graffiti is miles ahead of ITTOD, but ITTOD was the last album and people automatically associate it with the best one.

  6. That’s a really hard one for a lot of people to get on board with, but it is not false.

  7. I like to make the dumbest fucking faces I can possibly make and then shout random noises to the top of my lungs and try to hold the face.

  8. Me and my girlfriend were in our junior year of high school and decided to sneak fuck under the blankets on the bed behind her brother while he played Minecraft. We thought there is no way he can see us, his back was facing the bed. Little did I know that the bottom panel of the TV was highly reflective and right at his eye level, I only found out once he asked us why we were moving around so much and started acting weird. Needless to say he never hung out with us together again.

  9. Well maybe that’s you but my husband always answered and I called more than once. Courtesy is you call back as soon as you park.

  10. Eh I love my wife to death, but I do not need to be on the phone with her 24/7, we live together. If I’m stepping out to get something I’ll ask if she wants something before I leave. I get that in your situation the suspicion was real though and that sucks.

  11. Then she can text me or leave me a voicemail or even call again. The second call I’m definitely picking up, and it also depends on the situation. I’m not just ignoring calls left and right but 9 times out of 10 I’m just gonna do what I got to do and leave. If I get a text I’ll grab whatever it is. If she calls me at work or when I’m out or with friends I’m always going to answer because it could be an emergency, but just running to the store she will be alright.

  12. I’m not anti weed, but fucking stoners are the most boring people. My friends are all frequent pot smokers, never wanted to create anything or do something, and even recently a couple that me and my wife spend a lot of time with (well used to spend a lot of time with) started smoking more frequently and now they don’t want to do shit, they fall asleep on us, they’ve become homebodies. It just makes people miserably boring to be around if you aren’t on their level and even then it’s unproductive.

  13. Yikes 😬 did you piss her off or is she just really inconsiderate?

  14. Grew up in a pretty small backwoods town and when we were probably like 13-14 my friend and I used to sneak out to hang with this other kid late at night to get high and drink, this kid would always bring a gun everywhere he went, different ones each time, I guess he wanted to look cool or whatever. Well one time we were all hanging out behind this shopping center with a bunch of restaurants and shit in it. The center was right in front of the train tracks and was notorious for having a ton of cats living behind it, like 20 or so cats. The kid had this plan that when the train comes he was going to shoot his gun (thinking back the train wouldn’t have muffled the sound of the gun too much) well the train starts coming and this group of cats roll up to the kid and he looks at one, takes his gun, aims and shoots the cat and kills it. As soon as he shoots the gun the group of cats run off, meowing in harmony, up to the train tracks as the train is coming and just get absolutely slaughtered by the passing train. Needless to say we never hung out with that kid again.

  15. People care way too much about Panteras current line up and they are missing out on a killer live show. We are not raising Dimebag and Vinny from the grave anytime soon so it is what it is.

  16. One time I watched this video, and the dude ended up with a prolapsed… yeah. I was horrified, and I was horrified for him—so I had to google “how do they put anus back in hole”

  17. Damn bro you’re reading some old posts here. We’ll I still have my decks, I’ll never get rid of those, no longer practicing architecture because the industry in my opinion has gone sour, and really almost no time to skate except when I want to exercise. The deck I had then though, still got it, still look at it and love it. I’m now married with a daughter and another on the way, and skating is still a passion among many other things. Do I still few alive? Hell yeah. Did it work out as I had written 8 years ago? Hell no. Does it matter? No, but it’s good to get in touch with my old self and remember some shit that really mattered to me, and to see it still does. I’ve learned you can’t give any one thing too much worth, it’s the accumulation and result of everything that makes you who you are. Skate on dude, keep rolling.

  18. I’m 25 now and I haven’t touched a skateboard in 13 years. I’m a busy engineering student/technician/dad. I read this and realized there is never a time where you can’t pick up the board and skate. I’m glad to hear you are doing well and living your best life still. I’m glad to hear you never lost your passion with the busyness of life, only prioritized it accordingly. Congrats on your daughters! I think I might pick up the board again because of this post and your response, thanks man!

  19. Possibly an unpopular opinion, but I thought Danny Huston killed his role as the main vampire in 30 Days Of Night. His expressions and the timing of his lines, while speaking a completely different language. His character was intimidating, believable and terrifyingly powerful.

  20. “I sat in gum” or “Look at my new watch”?

  21. Mommy is the only one that can make her sons pee pee go boom boom

  22. Fucking paper applications and face to face introductions is the superior way to apply for jobs. I hate this online bullshit where you have to go on their site and enter your resume repeatedly on every page. It’s bullshit.

  23. My wife and I have been impersonating Tom and calling everyone Greg to the point where my 4 yr old now calls people Greg.

  24. I came out to my wife as bisexual last year and now she doesn’t respect me. I don’t feel like it would ruin my life as much as it already has if I told other people.

  25. Women without hobbies or interests that make you feel like shit because you want to spend time on your hobbies and interests.

  26. Saw a woman in Hobby Lobby the other day and she literally took the breath out of my lungs. So me, being the smooth as fuck person I am, immediately turned away from the aisle she was and ran to the line and waited until I could get the hell out of there.

  27. Just be like “Walt was a bit destructive last time he was over and my son was pretty upset about his broken toy and is requesting that just Jason come to the party. If in the end you do decide to bring Walt I would just ask that he is looked after properly. It’s no offense to you as a parent we both know how a 3 yo can be.”

  28. It’s all about the clit, tongue punching her vag hole is NOT what she primary wants so don’t be that story she tells everyone lol

  29. It’s actually not. Full on clit stimulation can actually be overstimulating and not pleasurable. There are a lot of “pleasure points” in the labia. Don’t go straight for the punching bag explore around it first.

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