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  1. I remember a certain IM being defeated by a player who merely learned to 'master the tempo'


  3. He literally said he has a field and he’s a horticulturalist. You have no idea what you’re talking about.


  5. Magnus please teach him how to properly screenshot next

  6. Does this mean that if I start polluting more my rating will go up? Or just everyone else’s will go down?

  7. Bro I bet these are so heavy

  8. they get retired to a farm upstate

  9. But they are happy there right? They have fields to run in with other boards/pieces?

  10. Yes and lots of urethras to go up

  11. BAS isn't supposed to start until november :(

  12. Where is the salt shaker they had to use as a substitute?

  13. 100% of the players who beat me

  14. There is no possible way the left rook in the picture got out there all on its own. You can see the path is would have to follow is a diagonal

  15. Does this count for fulmer cup? Talk about overachieving...


  17. Enjoyable, thought provoking game with an opponent I come to respect > tournament win > rating gain

  18. Post-workout seems to make sense. Acute senses and some adrenaline mixed in. I wonder what the ratings difference would be between post-workout and either just waking up or while sick, exhausted, etc.

  19. 100% if you do puzzle rush regularly or even every once in a while, you should try doing puzzle rush after going for a run. Like I am talking still standing on the treadmill. right after. You probably won’t break your PR but you will be surprised with how effortlessly you land in your “good” score range.

  20. The sicilian by Mario puzo is quite a good read unfortunately it is very light on theory

  21. Thats just how you know he’s doing a good job

  22. I repeat my old puzzles, you can see them from the puzzle dashboard(not sure if you are asking abt how to see them sorry). And idk how to implement woodpecker method. I just replay the ones I missed in class(this actually helps me focus on class adhd fidgetter). It helps me

  23. When my neighbors are gone so they don’t hear the screaming

  24. Anna Karenina principle! “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

  25. Danya is dewas kipas confirmed

  26. Broadcasted public meetings are such a gift to this sub

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