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  1. genuine question. do these people actually exist? because i've yet to meet anyone, in person or otherwise, who had any thoughts besides skepticism about nerualink across all aisles. even techbros.

  2. I want him to start making this so he can start killing his super fans lol 😂

  3. I made this on my phone in 3 minutes. If you want an effort post go draw your own shit and get back to me

  4. single cab 1992 chevy s10 with a shitty matte black wrap and one union and one rebel flag mounted in the back

  5. None around where this wee lass lives but I suppose if I lived in the states

  6. wait... there are cars in other countries?

  7. smart kid. he can already name all of them.

  8. vaush would work with both without a hitch

  9. his music is pretty great, sans his late career. not really a relevant discussion, though.

  10. olds cuz i'm a sucker for old moving lounges

  11. Replace all cringe Americ🤢n flags with based Vaushite pride flags

  12. 10k wordington would never have complained

  13. coming from someone whose little brother volunteers with Love Life, who i'm still close to and love dearly and have no idea how to pull over, personal relationships are complicated.

  14. "thugshaking" is a lowkey racist term as well. could do with a rebranding while we're at it.

  15. Try to contact my parents about where I am and see if they can help me get a plane ticket home. Until then, enjoy the cultural stuff to see and do.

  16. noooo you can't give a serious answerrrrr

  17. well, there's no spoilers in this post for any part of the story or lore, but it is showing a character that isn't introduced until a bit later on if you count that as a spoiler.

  18. "i have no argument against this point so i will just repeat exactly what i said before!"

  19. Uh yeah. I think Vaush has really fallen off in his debates in the last year or so. Used to be a daily viewer. Now I'm a weekly viewer. He's increasingly fallen into a parody of his former, more interesting and bombastic self. He does a lot more vague gesturing at bad arguments and expecting you to do the rest than actually attacking the bad arguments himself. If you're not already in the club, his capacity to pull you in is spent now.

  20. basically exactly what i've been thinking too. he's still quite entertaining, but anytime i watch his clips i tend to ask myself, "will this pull people over to the left who weren't here already?" and the answer is no far more often than not.

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