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  1. Then we determine what the greater meaning is, try to make a future that is better than we currently have especially for the people (one that is prepared for changes in every sector).

  2. But sins wouldnt exist in the hypothetical

  3. Throw his penis? Throw out his lunch meat seems like a waste

  4. Do you have OCD? Keep trying to stop it might take years or less (it takes time not a day), don't make promises or anything like that it just builds up your stress (it hinders more than helps).

  5. Animals don't have conscience. They an instinctual consciousness which is different.

  6. They would bow down to God just like the jews. They are mostly the nonbinary, emo, incels, and school shooter types that just do it to go against God.

  7. If you think you are destined to hell then you wouldn't care to try. If you think you are destined to heaven then you will try your hardest to keep. We still do not know our destination nor does the preknowledge of the effects of our actions limit the free flowing actions from happening.

  8. Aspergers generally makes one obsess over their anxieties and stressors like my situation here. It’s like how normal people get anxious and then move on or problem solve, except with my condition it sends me into an impending sense of doom and panic mode. Like it’ll affect my salvation. My only fear above anything is pissing off or upsetting God.

  9. I thought the syndrome means you don't socialize or take/notice social cues or emotion. Learn something new everyday. ✨️

  10. You are getting it because it looks cool not for worship so you are good.

  11. Yep or theism. It is highly unlikely that one exist but one can hope but not make it the center of their life.

  12. “I act as though God exists”, a certain supposed transphobic benzo-junkie lobster-loving old man once said.

  13. It was the ability to choose their own morality.

  14. You mean like they were unable to "choose evil" or "choose good"? So all their actions were amoral?

  15. Let me reword it: they were able to define what was good and what was bad after they ate the fruit. Before that God decided.

  16. I would hope a chance to learn how the universe works.

  17. Weed amplifies your current feelings it doesn't help you chill your anxieties away.

  18. Peter was called the rock because he was hard headed/ stubborn. Him being able to see Jesus was the Son of God was against this characteristic and surprised Jesus giving him the nickname (but Peter kept going back into this stubbornness)

  19. I like the metaphor better and even use it for God.

  20. Perhaps God was used as an instrument to make sure that line of morality is followed and the society can flourish

  21. If there is no consciousness, then I wouldn't know. If there is a heaven, where your spirit goes, then why do you think anything as earthly as your brain has anything to do with it?

  22. I guess OP is talking about the near death experiences that people went through.

  23. You can try to report it to social services. And after you do that look for another job that is fulfilling and respects your input.

  24. You dont have that power not even in a promise to God.

  25. You label them what they want out of respect to them.

  26. It would just show the scientific knowledge at the time and try to show it was God.

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