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  1. You don't have to go anywhere or do anything today. I won't be mad or disappointed.

  2. Vernon Rap, The Art Of It, Enemy Tomorrow (verse), War (DJ Clue), About Me, Esco Lets Go, American Way, Reach Out (1st Verse)

  3. A label maker. I cant keep a house clean, I’m always late, I can’t regulate myself for SHIT but I love staring back at the various files and drawers I’ve “organized”. It’s been handy at work too. $11 on Amazon.

  4. Id say a good steak (if youve had the good cuts, it just sucks to go back to Chilis or something)

  5. Opposite - I buy sirloin steaks in bulk when they go on sale. Instead of waiting once a year for a steak from a steakhouse, I can have a steak whenever I want one. The secret to making mediocre streaks amazing is in the seasonings.

  6. Adam and Eve and Not For Radio (the version without Puff Daddy)

  7. mixed vegetable egg scramble - 2 cups of mixed veggies, 3 eggs and 3 egg whites, onions and minced garlic is optional, some evoo oil or sesame oil

  8. the commander, cosmic warrior, and swim in the light

  9. He just said he doesn't want to invest. Besides it's a bad time to invest.

  10. It is the best time to invest. Most stocks are on sale and undervalued. Would you rather buy when they are expensive and overvalued?

  11. Vital Signs, Alter Ego, Eventually, The Moment... I can keep going if you want

  12. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.

  13. Wrong answer. It is better to cut up the credit card, pay down the debt, and learn to pay with cash. Thanks Dave Ramsey!

  14. This sounds like good advice in theory. I had a similar revelation but I can't find a waterpik that is strong water pressure. Do you have one that you recommend?

  15. He has a collaboration album with Dot Da Genius called WZRD, I'd check it out has some of my favorites like Upper rlRoom and Love Hard.

  16. My favorite songs off of this project along with Dream Time Machine. Great taste!

  17. swim in the light, sky might fall, love, cudi montage, the pale moonlight

  18. I would definitely put pale moonlight and swim in the light in my top 5 too. Great taste 👌

  19. My favorites 1. Pale Moonlight 2. Mojo Do Dope 3. Enter Galactic 4. The Commander 5. Scott Mescudi vs the World.

  20. Karn evil number 9. The interludes are killer. First one is at 2:18. The whole song is worth a listen.

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