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[Schefter] Former 49ers’ defensive coordinator DeMeco Ryans and the Houston Texans reached agreement today on a six-year deal, per sources. Texans have their new head coach.

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  1. From everything I've seen, the ice will start to melt Thurs afternoon.

  2. wait till next season. i remember a bunch of bengals fans were calling for taylors head the start of this season and i had to talk em down

  3. I can't recall what was the last scene of Michonne...a few episodes later i just thought "wait, havent seen her in a while, is she coming back?"

  4. The island with the Vergil dude after she found Rick’s things on a boat that had washed up on the island.

  5. But was there a hint that she wasn't coming back at all? I kept waiting for her to come back

  6. Yup, i was going to suggest boa as well

  7. Yeah and the job market for remote work seems bleak right now 🙃

  8. Yeah you can just tell them: i won't return to the office, i will only do remote, you decide if you keep me or not.

  9. that's way funnier than it should be

  10. My man is driving 50, with icy roads lmao

  11. more like ice skating, but yes, at 50 !!!!

  12. Korean. They are part of the “Korean donut mafia” (not saying that to be insulting, it’s what they refer to themselves as) that has a chokehold on the vast majority of donut and kolache places in DFW

  13. Do tell more about the donut mafia

  14. the donut shop I go to explained it to me: a lot of first gen Koreans get their start in Dallas/Carrollton/Plano by opening restaurants (esp sushi places); if they are less well-to-do immigrants they can get discounted start up loans for donut shops through a branch of the Sam Moon group (yes, that guy) as long as they are 1) sponsored by a community church, typically Korean Baptist and 2) utilize the Moon group’s purveyors/suppliers. Unfortunately they can rarely break out of this model as the grip on both the loan and the products are controlled by the same people. Hence the term “mafia”

  15. Yeah, you would have to be in your mid-30s to even remotely remember them having been in the NFCCG. Luckily I was 10 when they made it last. But to put it in perspective I went through middle school, graduated HS, got married had a kid, got divorced, feel really badly into drugs, got out of drugs, meet my current wife, got my CDL, had another kid, then started college to become a Cybersecurity person and they still haven't been back to the NFCCG.

  16. I'm almost 40 and saw then win the SB, but barely barely remember anything :(

  17. I wanted to post it up as well, but I'm ashamed to be included with that list of other teams down there..

  18. That is rough. In fairness, it doesn't look like we belong to that list. Multiple teams in that list have had #1 picks at least a couple of times with historically bad seasons

  19. I do believe this was generated with imgnai. Check twitter for a lot of examples

  20. It really depends on what resources you currently have access to. My family has like 40 acres in the country, I would go there.

  21. What a moron. Did you screenshot that and report him?

  22. We all just saw the screenshot ..right?

  23. I had a great idea for an app that you could search your streaming services and it would tell you what content is streaming on which platform.

  24. I love that function in the roku. Very accurate 95% of the time.

  25. My city just recently did their first tax reassessment in 13 years! 😂

  26. How was their budget for all those years?

  27. Happy that i'm part of the top 27%

  28. I know a dude that got hit by a university work truck that ran a redlight. Dude got over $100k.

  29. I also know one, but he was on F1 student visa and because of that they said his prospects of making money weren't good and barely paid him like 5k

  30. Maybe, but probably not... women feed off confidence and I bet that you are subconsciously more confident now that you're on T

  31. This plus OP paying more attention to women.

  32. Do you think they had the option of speaking without an accent?

  33. Yes, it takes more effort, but accents can be changed consciously.

  34. I've picked the damn dinosaur correctly 200 times in a row and I still get an invalid captcha error. And when I don't get that, it's a technical error. I'm about to just give my cards to the scammer maybe they'll have better luck than I am.

  35. The captcha is trapping you...the correct answer is dinosaurs don't exist anymore!

  36. In case this helps anyone else, there is a discount on personal Amex annual fees if you have a corporate green card through your job. Currently I'm getting $150 off platinum af, $100 off gold, and $75 off green. Makes it muuuch easier to recoup the annual fees.

  37. I keep forgetting about this...though need to get the corp card first...assuming i don't get laid off first lol :(

  38. I'm more concerned that you haven't washed your sweatpants since 2021.

  39. For the last two years I've worn multiple pants for just an hour or so if i go I out and it's cold. Just put on whatever i find first...and put it back in the closet, then back to shorts ...maybe something like that

  40. No way he doesn't, if not on the 49ers then somebody is gonna sign him..

  41. If he's not going to be the starter, i see someone trading for him early next season.

  42. Wow! I used an inflation calculator...$47.95 (Chicago-NYC) in 1933 would be $1079 today!!! And that's a one-way fare!!!

  43. Duh, we all know one way is more expensive

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