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  1. They were a punk rock band that made it big. I think their music was amazing. They only made 3 studio albums if they would have lasted I'm sure their music would have evolved. You probably think Nirvana's music is monotonous because you have only heard the same 3 or 4 songs that were their hits. If you hear Smells Like Teen Spirit a thousand times of course it's going to bore you.

  2. Bleach was my favourite. Foo a bit to mainstream, vanilla and faux-angsty. They are more of a corporation then a band, but that’s my take.

  3. They are centre right. That's where they stand.

  4. Most people in this sub have no clue what encompasses far left or far right ideologies. Conservatism is not far right.

  5. Conservatives are far right. They just aren't nazi levels of far right. Yet.

  6. No, no and no. We need to learn how to live in a world with fewer people. Not more.

  7. Within hours new unofficial port of entry opens a kilometer away.

  8. You realize that it doesn’t matter how they would enter Canada now as they would be handed back to the Americans. Canada has outsourced the issue for the Americans to resolve….

  9. Interesting fact, when a dog attack is occurring. If you grab the attacking dog by his hind legs and lift it off the ground, it will naturally let go of what it’s latched onto. I didn’t believe this at first, but when I witnessed this when a dog attacked another in the park last year. You will get bite, but it provides time to get the attacking dog under control. It also helps if other people intervene and don’t stand their filming it

  10. Everything you are talking about is were stolen. Literally 90% of "russian culture" is stolen from others, culturally appropriated and claimed as "russian". Majority of their "culture" is stolen from Ukrainians. Their coat of arms stolen from Rome empire, language stolen from Bulgarians and Ukrainians, fucking 99% of their popular cultural authors are not russians at all, as well as majority of their stolen ukrainians and others slavs, as well as others enslaved and forcefully displaced ethnicities. Even name of their fucking state was stolen from Kyivan Rus', as well as their "history".

  11. Back to 1000+, once the counter offensive starts we'll see 2000 a day.

  12. Three years is an insult to the victims family. These kids should get life.

  13. I’m a conservative. I regret not voting for PM Harper in 2015. But… the former PM’s record on China is not spotless. I recall there being quite the brouhaha with senior Communist Party officials.

  14. Our relationship with China was a lot different in 2013.

  15. The liberal voters will forget about this in the next two hours

  16. My wife spent thousands to immigrate legally, she has been called a drawbridge immigrant by those from her home country who are queue jumping into Canada because of her stance that you need to play the rules to immigrate.

  17. What Brazilian music genres you like to listen to? Maybe funk?

  18. I see. Try funk, it's better jokes aside

  19. I’m good, been to a few baile funk in the late 90s, is not my cup of tea. I’m surprised it’s become very popular. Funk is still better then Pagode and Sertanejo 😆

  20. sure, but that still spells a fairly disastrous result for the average person. either values come crashing down causing millions to lose their homes or the wealth divide between owners and non-owners grows to the point where social upheaval becomes inevitable

  21. This is working as planned to increase the wealth of existing property owners. It’s not an “accident” that housing hasn’t kept up with supply (edit: demand), it’s by design. Eventually the housing pyramid scheme will collapse but the largest owners will ensure that occurs after they cash out.

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