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  1. How slow/fast was he eating, that it took "all night" to eat 64 things?

  2. That's an average of 1.8-2.8min for each slice, even though he seems to shove all of them in, in one go... I guess he might have paused between some slices?

  3. Yeah, nodding off periodically and then jerking-awake like a child to mindlessly continue whatever they were doing.

  4. Couple times per year the CCP requires public schools to brain wash these unfortunate, impressionable youths.

  5. Blocked in my country by... "LDS Affiliate US" -- what the fuck?

  6. Where is that place? It feels familiar to me but I can't figure it out...

  7. The chance of hatching a Male (given it's a salandit) is 7/8. 36 of those in a row would yield (7/8)36 , which works out to 0.817% or about 1 in 122.38

  8. Wouldn't you also need to account for the egg pool? Or are there some eggs that solely yield Sandalit?

  9. What's the best Barb build? I'm level 14 now.

  10. Best overall barb build, which is also arguably best overall build in the whole beta imo (yes even better than sorc), would be the triple shout WW barb. Takes some specific affixes to fully come online but you can get by pretty well with just a few key legos. The second best build I'd say is frenzy/upheaval, and it takes even less lego investment to start feeling very strong. Check out rob2628 for more info on both those builds as he's probably the best barb streamer I've seen so far.

  11. I recently got several cards from him, and will later make a post with pics, but most cards are close enough that it's fine.

  12. I was level 9 and had just started my first run-though when this world boss was announced. Had no clue what was going on so trekked out there. They downed the boss while I skirted the edges. I got some level 25 cache thing.

  13. How the duck do you even find shit like this?

  14. They’ve been partially pardoned. The parts that are left.

  15. I share the sentiments. Grinding gear becomes pointless if the process is not enjoyable. The world looks better than D3 visually but atmosphere wise, it's dull.

  16. Yeah, straight up D3 was just 'meh' until Reaper of Souls came out. That's the game it should've been upon launch.

  17. What the heck are you getting at? Your reply is bizarre.

  18. "Heart of Glass" by Old School Freight Train (original by Blondie)

  19. Got Samurai Champloo vibes once the ending credits music began.

  20. PSA: server opening got moved to 9:05 am, ignore what blizzard launcher tells you.

  21. I'm over in the APAC region, and this weekend is my first Beta playtime. Are they going with 9am Pacific Standard Time?

  22. That happened multiple times. One old congressman from Florida was asking the usual CCP spy yada yada etc and whenever the CEO tried to answer, he moved on to the next question. Really fast. They were more concerned about their own performances it seemed like.

  23. It's called Political Theater for a reason. They're putting on a show.

  24. Is it just me, or does the voice over seem out of step with the visuals? Guilliman there is going on and on about victory and it really seems like the nids are the ones who are doing all the winning.

  25. It's all just rhetorical propaganda. They're definitely not winning it all, and he'll keep on saying Victory.

  26. After living in China for 4.5 years -- this is par for the course. Always more ridiculous stuff to see

  27. But there are cameras. So, if what happened is accurate to what OP claimed, it's fairly open and shut.

  28. Yeah, we basically did cardio in PE class

  29. Breathing fresh air while running laps and playing basketball -- heaven on earth.

  30. This was amazing! Really excellent banter!

  31. Totally solid build! It'll be even better once you level up, too.

  32. my ex would change positions constantly during sex , she fell off the bed a few times while changing positions , changing positions didn't help me last longer . She also knew when I was close and would really work it till i couldn't hold back any more.

  33. So you're saying even her falling off the bed made you closer to climax? Never heard that kink until now.

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