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  1. I do remember there are some which the QR code will give you the clue.

  2. Hi well I still have the files on my computer, if anyone needs the files I will be uploading it soon. The olpc you mention has a different type of instructions, my XO 1.5 uses a x86 processor and the XO 1.75 you mention uses an ARM processor, so might not work the same. I had the same problem you described, the distros I tried before did not boot or it hold with a black screen, that is why I choose to compile the kernel and even after I had the kernel I had to try multiple times until one of those compilations worked. I hope this is not the end of your search, I look on the devs page for the XO 1.75 and there is a config file, it might be useful

  3. I play the game 3 times never skip the terminals. Its just fun to interact with and it brings a more meaningful ending.

  4. I'd say if you saw the anime you can continue reading volume 2, but there are some details on volume 1 needed if you want to continue with other volumes.

  5. look for arcolinux web, there are some tutorials making custom arch isos named CARLI/ALCI

  6. my fix to that was changing the screen resolution with launch options

  7. Try /sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/capacity

  8. I only know the AUR page from Archlinux, only the demo though.

  9. wait i thought touhou was only for windows

  10. It uses WINE which allows Linux to run windows application.

  11. Bots build bots, Turret wife serenade and I AM NOT A MORON!

  12. Kizumonogatari. I couldn't wait for the movies

  13. But how do you explain the age difference?

  14. Maybe it wasn't actually a 'bring your daughter to work' day, maybe it was a group of remarkable projects of 'bring your daughter to work' over the years and were presented before the actually 'bring your daughter to work' day.

  15. it's a sequel, you can read it, but I recommend to read the first one, to get with the idea.

  16. I watched the first OVA because Yuki Kajiura was doing the music, I couldn't find the second OVA so I waited, 6 months later I couldn't wait to know the rest, so I started reading the LN and it was worth it. The best LN I ever read. I watched the anime later and it also did the same good job. I recommend the LN if you want more.

  17. Is the whole ln translated? Where is the best place to buy it in europe

  18. There are 5 LN translated, two of them licenced, I read the fan-translations.

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