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Husband killed my dog


Suffering from a broken heart

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This hits me right in the feels

  1. Thank you so much!! I’m totally buying it right now lol :)

  2. It’s clearly 3D printed but (to my knowledge) my coworker doesn’t do 3D printing so I don’t think she made it herself. I tried searching for it online but couldn’t find any results :(

  3. I didn’t expect the comments to care so much about Emma’s outfit. I think they look sick!

  4. Jesus Christ. You have so many issues and I feel bad for Stephanie. You know you did it on purpose as well because of the previous post you made on

  5. I was pretty young but I definitely still remember it :)

  6. There’s many things that could be happening here. Your sister could have grown overly attached to you and her mind has tricked her into believing these feelings of comfort are feelings of infatuation. Your sister could have a disorder that frequently breeds intrusive thoughts, I have one myself and I’ve had tons of gross and immoral intrusive thoughts that disgust myself. She just might not realize what they are and that’s why she spoke about them. Your sister may not realize the gravity of what she said, media, especially pornography, can twist young people’s minds into not understanding how grave thoughts like this are. Or honestly your sister might just be attracted to you, but that’s the worst case scenario. In any case, be careful. This is not a great situation to be in. You both can get hurt and you should probably tell someone before the situation can change in any way that could ruin you or her.

  7. 14 year old me read a lot of finn x reader fics, but now i gotta say my new obsession will forever be PB, i love her and her moral ambiguity

  8. i was gonna say the same thing lolll

  9. tbh checking in YOUR dogs sounds like extra liability (because this sounds like corporate)... if you go to a manager 100% bring that up

  10. It is indeed corporate lol. I have been thinking about talking to our salon manager but she’s for some reason become besties with this girl who’s annoying me. And I doubt our store manager will care because he kinda just lets all of us in the salon run our own stuff.

  11. I would try again after a hot shower. It will hurt anyways but I think time passing will only make it worse. Also, I Don't know how accessible it would be but you can try to cut them and take them off by the sides, not by the front if you get what i mean

  12. I’ll try the hot shower first, if all else fails I’ll try cutting the ring :’)

  13. soaking it in saline will help my skin release it? or do you mean just use saline to keep it clean until it can be fixed lol

  14. Please post an update. I’m genuinely worried for your safety. A person who will murder an innocent animal is certainly capable of hurting you.

  15. Didn't we see them together like one time? I mean, I recall that that was her introduction, but I can't seem to recall them ever spending time together.

  16. The show actually addressed this once. In the crystal sandwich episode Lady tells TV that she’s going out to have lunch with PB, he says “do you guys even hang out anymore?” It was a cute way of the writers calling themselves out for not showing the two of them together very frequently.

  17. I tend to be stern but never abusive. Sometimes you have to give a firm “NO.” Otherwise the dogs will not listen. Sometimes it doesn’t work but sometimes it does! Dogs can respond to confidence. If you baby them and don’t try to take control, they notice that, they can continue to lash out which ends up being dangerous as your working with many sharp objects that can hurt them. Physically the most I’ve ever done is tighten my grip on a dogs arm or leg to make sure they can’t pull away, but if they’re flipping out hard enough I will let go and reposition to make sure I don’t hurt them.

  18. Fat Lemongrab engaged in multiple accounts of malicious cannibalism, not to mention being a totalitarian city state dictator.

  19. Yes that’s what happened! I have the “Enchiridion & Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook” book which is written mostly by Olivia and Martin Olson and in the book it starts off as Simon’s journal, later Marcy uses it after he leaves her.

  20. Literally just had to do the same thing yesterday. You did great! The pup looks so much better. Thank you for saving them!!

  21. I mean no disrespect, but did you shave off all the mats, bathe and then not go back over anything?

  22. It’s cool don’t worry! You’re right though I did shave him wash him and basically sent him home right after. After washing him I put him back on my table to shave him again but the mom was staring at me through the window with this annoyed look on her face so I ended up just trimming his nails and quickly scissoring his ears. Plus he was freaking out when I started doing his legs. I should’ve just kept shaving him regardless of her rushing me but I’ve only been doing this for 2 months and I still get a bit anxious lol. I’m just hoping she comes back to maintain him so I can prove I can do better and for the sake of his health as well!

  23. tbh sending him on his way in that situation was probably the safest thing for him. when they see their parents staring they freak out and that's how accidents happen.

  24. There were a ton of points throughout the groom where I thought about sending him home and I probably should’ve. I was so determined to at least get all the matting off so he could feel better but I was a bit over zealous. The safety of the dogs should always come first. I’m just glad I was able to help him with no accidents.

  25. She thinks you are an ally in her hate because you never said anything before when she was “mildly racist” which is why she is comfortable being that way around you. You should always shut down hate as soon as you hear it no matter how mild it is or people will think you’re ok with it. You should be shutting down hate and racism towards any culture and colour in the workplace as soon as you hear it, not just when it’s against your own culture or colour.

  26. That’s true. I don’t want to be a bystander but I can be more cowardly than I like to admit. I’m not a confrontational person but I need to learn to be. Thank you

  27. Francis Forever! I think it’s because it was the first Mitski song I heard and I heard it when Marceline sang it on Adventure Time and her and Princess Bubblegum end up dating.

  28. Yikes OP.. that was really fucked up. I feel some sympathy for you, it was a mistake. But it was a baaad one. You had the perfect boyfriend and you threw it away because your friends told you he was weird. Not to mention you spilled about his fetish to them!!! I’m not saying you deserve the hurt you feel but it truly is the consequences of your own actions. He’s a great guy and he honestly deserved better. But you can be better if you do work on yourself like you said! I hope you feel better and I hope everything works out for you two. Whether it be getting back together or closure and healing. Good luck!

  29. Absolutely NTA !!! You are an incredible husband and your mother was way out of line. Thank you for sticking by her side. I cant possibly imagine how your mother thought what she was doing would be a good thing.

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