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  1. I was looking at array, but basically the same is true for JSON.

  2. ARRAY column operations are faster than JSON array operations, for arrays of integers at least.

  3. I see, thank you. That's a serious downside then.

  4. If you use arrays to store integer primary keys, 1-to-N operations are pretty fast, up to at least hundreds of elements each. People have told me they're slow but the best I can figure they were slow when they first came out but they got optimized well. If referential integrity could be a problem, use another table for normal form.

  5. Hilarious that he still claims hate speech has decreased since he took over. Does he not know people can search keywords by date range?

  6. To the extent that it matters, his claim is not that the volume of hate speech has decreased, but rather than people aren’t seeing it regardless of volume increases due to how the recommendation algorithms are working. It’s a hard thing to prove without publishing their internal data

  7. So harassment targeting specific people is up, but random slurs on blast to everyone is down? Got it.

  8. The dump is 15MB but whilst that triggered a warning in vscode, it does open. Tried overriding the encoding with the various ISO flavours, 1252, but the è character in Pokèmon, which is my test string ATM, never looked right.

  9. What are the hex bytes you have for "é"?

  10. print it to a file and dump the contents in hex

  11. Students should be able to protest, but only if it’s not disruptive. The dean who apparently organized the protest (or was otherwise in cahoots) should be fired for encouraging students to break the rules.

  12. Who gets to decide what is and is not disruptive? Students are incredibly vulnerable to abuse from those trying to discourage uncomfortable questions, let alone protests.

  13. The university has already defined, long ago, what constitutes a disruption. You’re not acting in good faith by characterizing shouting someone down as an “asking uncomfortable question,” by the way.

  14. First, "Prevent or disrupt the effective carrying out of a University function or approved activity..." is circular, and "effective" makes it even more discretionary.

  15. Looks like a half stick of dynamite. They were very lucky.

  16. There is about 100 grams of nitroglycerin in a full stick of 75% dynamite.

  17. I'm honestly jealous of you all who like it. I really wish I did, cause it's fucking everywhere. I can force it down if I have to, but I do it as quickly as possible, and with the aid of a lot of hot sauce.

  18. Have you ever tried it overcooked to the point of mushyness, the way most people don't like it? I prefer it that way and don't like it crisp, especially because of the very different, stronger flavor. I usually just put it in a pan with rice, oil, garlic, onions, and peppers, and stir it pretty vigorously as it ... melts?

  19. I'm really interested in thought process of those who think that giving a vague one-line idea is worth 90% of the final product.

  20. Don't worry, they'll revise the spec plenty of times, especially after examining particularly difficult implementations of their previous instructins.

  21. 'Thou shalt not make a machine in the likeness of a human mind' boom, argued.

  22. The Butlerian Jihad is a fictional event that took place in Frank Herbert's science fiction novel "Dune." It involves a violent rebellion against thinking machines, which resulted in the formation of a society that forbids the creation and use of advanced artificial intelligence. While the fictional story may be entertaining, it is difficult to evaluate the Butlerian Jihad as a real-world mission. However, it is possible to critique the underlying philosophy behind the jihad, which is the rejection of advanced technology.

  23. Absolutely not, Google has the research advantage on attribution and verification (i.e. RARR) which will be the primary determinant of success in the marketplace. Having said that, MS/OpenAI is surely months not years behind, so anything could happen.

  24. IIRC Microsoft was absolutely one of the 'big and dumb' companies about 2000-2010, I suspect they have silo'd off different parts of the company to prevent main company management from dragging them down. Bing, Github, etc all seem reasonably managed and like they're not micromanaged from the C-suite too much.

  25. If they hadn't been anti-linux for so long, they could have the same kind of monopolistic dominance over hypervisors as they have on the desktop.

  26. Really! If they had taken the advice of everyone (yours truly included) who was trying to get them to do the right thing, we would be so much worse off. A paradox of thrift-style situation to be sure.

  27. And EU gov/mil if you read the link carefully. But it's not clear at all what is and is not included; for example, can the recent poster who wants to Cloud Build on prem have a local artifact registry for local Cloud Run containers? They don't give a clue.

  28. I usually don't have problems with most pointer operations, but managing asynchronous audio I/O buffers often leaves me whimpering in brain-addled confusion curled up into a fetal position under my desk.

  29. Leaky cars accumulate rain which trickles slowly through the fixtures after dissolving dust and grime, but they're thankfully very rare.

  30. Twitch is one of the few sites I don't use adblockers on (partially because they bypass Ublock and partially because I didn't use to mind that much), but recently, I've discovered that ads will autopause whenever I switch tabs. I never had any intention of actually watching them, but before I would just swap to another tab while they played themselves out. Now that I can't do that, I'm thinking of trying much harder to circumvent them.

  31. Just tear the tab off, as long as it's the exposed tab in a window. Not sure if all its pixels are behind other windows.

  32. What's the difference between a bus and a coach? Coaches run without a fixed schedule?

  33. Why black-and-yellow stripes on the back of the helmet?

  34. You telling me Paz went around preaching to randos on the streets and gave them mandalorian armors for free lol

  35. No, most of the diaspora are probably working as freelancers in relatively lucrative security jobs, unassociated with their covert.

  36. The Nevarro covert wasn’t the entire Children of the Watch

  37. Most of the diaspora were probably working as freelancers in relatively lucrative security jobs, unassociated with their covert


  39. As an owner of 5 dogs, the white carpet was all I could focus on.

  40. In a previous life we used to steam clean white carpet with a couple teaspoons of bleach in the solution and then rinse it five minutes later with a half cup of hydrogen peroxide. It worked until it didn't when eventually some impervious stains remained.

  41. Still pining for love, unlike GPT4 and ChatGPT.

  42. It's a collection of obscure trivia having connections to modern day points of interest. Ed's received pronunciation of 21st century idioms and dialect when in casual conversation with his interviewees is really something.

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