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  1. What about cousin matches in Lithuania? Btw, myheritage is more useful in that regard, as a lot of my cousins have family trees on there. Maybe try ancestry dna, too?

  2. I will definetly have a look through those, thank you so much for your help! :)

  3. Sorry! I think you still need to fo your geneological research on him - can you find any documents where he states which town he was from?

  4. Unfortunatley not... I was hoping thats what the reigons were but as it's not I have no idea. All I have is family names, some birthdays and the near date of when they came over... Hopefully that will be enouh for the archives to work with. Im probaby going to follow the 23andme info as close as possible and try to see which archive has the right info and stuff.

  5. He doesn’t mean 1 persons either. It’s a group of people all doing it one after the other.. very liberating I can imagine 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Sometimes lying is for the greater good. Sometimes.

  7. Can't cum from sex if it's shorter than 20-30 minutes. Can cum from my own hand in less than 2. It's fucking weird

  8. Bro I’m the same. I fucked my ex for like an hour and a half and didn’t even cum but my hand, brooo quick time 🤣 maybe it’s cos my ex was like throwing a hotdog down a hallway but who knows

  9. Easily one of the coldest fitteds I’ve seen 🌨️

  10. It’s funny I see more and more comments about western society. I’m glad people (including myself) have been waking up to see how stupid it is

  11. Put more icing on the ice bun! It’s called an ice bun for a fucking reason! 🤣 Stingy bastards…

  12. Very jealous, can’t wait to visit and find out about My roots 🥰

  13. FIFA is one of the most corrupt organisations on the planet. They don’t care man

  14. They definitely don't care but without Latin American players the sport would not be as big not worth as much. Hence my point that we can say whatever we want about Qatar

  15. No I agree with you 1000% but I mean the energy waste in doing so is pointless because nothing will change unfortunately.

  16. I wish I knew about nofap at 16. I’m 21 now and been tugging since I was 10-11 too; honestly never too late to start though. I feel like once you hit that 100 day mark you never wanna touch ur penis again 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Coming from Lithuania id say Romuva (before the crusaders came ofc)

  18. Because the people in the US are bat shit crazily obsessed with race, while we the OG Latinoaméricans we don't give a flying [email protected] about that topic

  19. Gotta love western society eh 🤣

  20. I swear he done some fuck shit with minors? I’m talm bout SGP, I remember some controversial shit about him In 2016

  21. Press ups and go for walks bro

  22. Only you know what your brain will react to bro, if in doubt, take it out :) that’s how I’ve always worked anyway.

  23. I don’t unfortunately aside from the basics, I do have some Lithuanian friends so I’m going to reach out to them and see if they can assist me on my journey. I think you’re definitely right about calling them than going all that way for possibly nothing as I know a lot of documents and churches were burned down so it’s possible the documents are destroyed too.

  24. Sounds like a motorbike tour around Lithuania to find roots in your blood to honor your grandad or just to see how's life here if nothing else.

  25. You know what, that is probably one of the best ideas I’ve been presented with in a very long time.

  26. Almost made me watery eyed the pride you have for your child 🥺

  27. So do I. The most extreme one. When I’m in bed for long periods the urges are there more than when I’m just living life. Id say meditation and work out. 50 press ups any time u get the urge

  28. Maybe try Gotoco? I’m using them and goin abroad in Jan, good luck to u 🫡

  29. Bro thank u. I was about to fail… u kept me going. 🫡🫡🫡🫡

  30. Yes! Absolutely! I wrote a comment a few weeks ago that touched on that:

  31. Yessss! That’s my exact issue, maybe it’s because I’m trying too hard to replicate the same feeling instead of just being. Deep breaths and meditation may help with this!

  32. Yeah one of my recent trips was about how being happy is a choice, no matter if we are in a capitalistic prison(all of my trips i end up thinking about power structures and capitalism lol) , we can still choose to be happy.

  33. Wow, bit off topic but I’ve never actually heard the term “Captialistic Prison” before and yet it fits almost perfectly with my “modern day slavery” term! I think I may have to use that in future

  34. I used to too, and while usually I relapse at day 3, this time I am going strong at day 8 with no urges. So saying does help a little bit ig

  35. Sending positive vibes to u bro u got this, well done on 8!!!

  36. Not depression, but I did get tremendous regret. That's why never again will I relapse

  37. I say that everytime I relapse lol

  38. Says the guy being an unnecessary c*nt on Reddit 🤣👍

  39. Tell your mom to call me later we’re going to give you a little brother or sister

  40. I mean I used to eat like shit and was like 16st (idk what that is in lbs) I would eat small snacks in replacement for dinner and not have anything else. Was smoking hella bud and drinking cola (1L + a day) and got down to like 8 n a half before it started to become a ED. I couldn’t even get thru a whole McDonald’s meal, only the chips n I’d be done for the day.

  41. I was stroking my sisters cat and the cunt hissed and bit me. Fuck cats. All dogs love me. Dogs ftw

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