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  1. 2006. They were doing shows five days a week. They were actually excited to be there. Everyone had an energy that has never been matched before or since.

  2. Agree. That year is banger after banger.

  3. Robin's absolute best is back on terrestrial when she reads the article, line by line, where Beth was interviewed. It is just a slow torture of Howard and it is hilarious. Love Robin.

  4. How has Howard changed? He replaced naked women with naked men. He traded vagina for cock, lesbian sex stories for gay sex stories. He still humiliates his staff and the mentally challenged as often as he can. He still badgers people to get naked for him. Now it’s men he wants to see naked instead of women. He hasn’t changed there. Sirius got rid of Out Q because they didn’t need two gay channels.

  5. The daddy issues are really insane at this point. It is beyond me that he never managed to move past having a distant (but not abusive or even overly mean) father. It consumes him to this day.

  6. I think the last truly great moment was when they brought in the creator of the Sybian.

  7. I never understood Sal and Richard's initial criticism, that Artie didn't compliment them enough. He doubles over laughing at their phone calls and song parodies. He constantly says how funny they are. So they aren't good standup comics, big deal. And one thing I've realized listening back to the early Sirius shows - Sal is pure shtick. Almost everything he does and says is designed to create content for the show and I think his blow up at Artie is another example of that.

  8. Ug this is the kind of stuff he used to do that I find so cringe. Just red meat for men who hate their wives. Very gimmicky.

  9. He admitted he was using about a year earlier and cleaned up, he was adamant he was clean when this particular caller was on the air

  10. So I was confused about the timing on that. I thought that segment, with the kid who was an addict, happened on satellite, in late 2006.

  11. You're thinking of the kid that came in for some contest about worst luck story, Artie felt bad for him and offered him subutex, still happened in 2006

  12. Wasn't that also when Artie first admitted to getting caught up in heroin?

  13. The evil Dave PSAs are also great

  14. Like the least relatable thing and this guy made a long bit out of it.

  15. There is a slim possibility that Artie returns to show business and a zero chance he returns to the show. He said a lot of things about Howard that guarantees he will never return.

  16. I think he'd have to return to show business in some way because he must need money. But yeah never ever going on Howard again lol.

  17. It's the gulf between what the show was, and what it is. The quality has dropped so much that it is almost shocking. A flawed analogy, but imagine if season 5 of the Sopranos was awful, on the level of a bad CBS cop drama, like an entirely different show. People would be perplexed and trying to find a reason. And the fact that we all feel like we know Howard after forty years adds to it - we want to understand, psychologically, what happened to this man, something Howard has basically invited by sharing his entire life with us. It's not hate. It's fascination and confusion.

  18. I'm pretty sure George has done an interview about this. He was never really on board with the show, and it showed on air. I think they had to cull the news department and George was happy to go.

  19. There were rumors around that time of him fucking strippers and buying them cars, but he denied it. I find it hard to believe a dude worth hundreds of millions in the late 90s/early 2000s was struggling to get pussy.

  20. All evidence is that Howard is basically scared of women and unable to close deals. Women were probably throwing themselves at him and it terrified him.

  21. You're okay buddy. It happened to me many times. You'll eventually stop again, and the actions you take when that happens are the most important. For now, sleep it off, and tomorrow, be honest with the people in your life. Honestly even coming to this subreddit is a good sign that you're heart is in the right place. Good luck!!

  22. Are all optical illusions this stupid or just all the ones I've seen?

  23. Your math is way off. 800/day x 5 days is 4k/week x 52 is only 208k/year.

  24. I was gonna say is no one gonna point out that the math is completely wrong lol

  25. I don't understand why Howard felt he NEEDED GTD in his life. 2006 must have been one of the busiest periods in his life with the move to Sirius and the lawsuit, and he's ... Fine? He's having fun, he's doing stuff on the weekends. Howard is insanely rich, you pay people to handle everything but the critical stuff. I don't understand what made him be like, I need a way to manage my daily life better.

  26. Howard telling a story about a conversation he and Beth had. Said Beth told him "you know, you are 19 years older than me, what am I going to do if you die..." Robin interrupts and says "she's gonna have a party".

  27. Robin is based and I love her

  28. Not a joke - it got made without his involvement. It's a series of web shorts premiering in March.

  29. What’s the story with those teeth? Those weren’t his actual teeth I hope?

  30. I was just gonna ask, that can't be real???

  31. I should add, LinkedIn had a job posting up as recently as two weeks ago for a producer for the show. Which surprised the hell out of me.

  32. I'm doing my first listen through of the Sirius shows now, just a few month in, middle of march.

  33. Lol yes he eventually does. In May.

  34. I’m listening to this now. (April 2007). It’s her renaissance. Where she dumbed Mr. X and declares ON AIR that she is chasing young men in their 20s and will lick their asses as long as she gets her ass ate out a lot. She starts loosing weight and gets super hot, juicing, going to Central America to do ayahuasca and shit. Fucking love that Robin.

  35. Yeah that's absolutely my favorite Robin, just hot and totally bonkers and having fun.

  36. Lol. Off her rocker, having a blast. Rich as fuck, and skinny and in shape ready to do drugs all over the world.

  37. I'll say this about Robin. She knows how to enjoy her life and spend her money.

  38. WHAT THE EFF IS GOING ON HERE?!??!!????!?

  39. Okay, first thing GsaC45, you need to calm down.

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