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  1. Roe v Wade was a decision that determined, essentially, that due to privacy protections, abortion is federally protected up to the second trimester, meaning it applies to all people in the US. It specifically means that any state laws around abortion are overruled by this federal protection.

  2. And don’t forget Texas wanting to punish women if they drive out of state for one!

  3. Voting is great. It's just that not enough people do it. Living comfortably in NY

  4. Ayato lol. Started playing when his banner came out, didn’t even know what happened or what the yellow star meant or anything, just go excited when he popped up lol

  5. Holy shit when was that? Most CNAs in my metro area make close to $18/hr.

  6. That is horrible, that was incredibly low. I’m in a rural area too, laundry made $14 when I left a few months ago and I think they were about to raise it. I’m not sure what the CNAs made but it was certainly higher than laundry!

  7. Yeah and they were really proud of that money too. And their benefits, which cost half our check to utilize

  8. No? It certainly was the past few years when you guys were all posting Karen videos of peoples parents and grandparents with no concern then, because you disagreed with them. Without knowing whatsoever what heath issues they may have to make them act that way then. Funny how many people here want to virtue signal like wildfire when you were all the same POS just a year ago

  9. Making fun of people being aggressive and sometimes violent or racist assholes is not the same as an elderly woman being quietly confused with a sign.

  10. That's kind of my precise worry. Just like the exact scene the screenshot came from, it would start as simple snark, and be pretty funny... but it would then speedily derail into actual grievance unless someone intervenes to redirect the conversation.

  11. I feel like the bonus chance is per crafting session. So making 50 gives you one chance. Had you done them individually i imagine you would have gotten some bonus.

  12. Nope not how it works, thankfully! Gave an updoot to combat all those downvotes. Sometimes we get stuff wrong, it’s not a big deal as long as it ain’t legal advice!

  13. You were using I statements through out, saying what you would do, and I’m telling you a breathalyzer should suffice to prove if they are drunk on the job. No need to violate their private abode. A breathalyzer would tell you all you need to know.

  14. I didn’t sign up for an in depth roleplay and you didn’t say “btw this is a rp, im not actually an employer who would do this right now”. I simply wouldn’t sign if a breathalyzer isn’t even the first option before literally asking me to sign away my right to privacy in my own home.

  15. No she doesn’t look like she’s dying but she most definitely doesn’t look healthy in this picture.

  16. She looks fine, it’s just because everyone is used to her current photos. You really going to bat for Ash in these threads lol. Is that you ash??

  17. Lmao no most definitely not. All I said was I think she should focus on something BESIDES munching. She obviously enjoys writing. Why not nurture that instead of all the fake sick shit. Unlike some ppl here I actually WANT to see them thrive and step away from their “health content”

  18. That sounds implausible, considering how famous the game is in the west. Got any source on that perhaps?

  19. Genshin defers to China for a lot of things actually. See: changing outfits of Mondstat characters to appease them.

  20. I think adjusting some NPC clothing vs turning your game into veritable spyware is kinda a huge difference.

  21. I mean, don’t they check teapots anyway? You know, for hate speech and adult stuff which they can do with all the shrubbery that they’ve been using to do so. Btw, not saying it’s right at all, I don’t want china effecting my game and freedom to say what I want as long as it isn’t hateful against minorities or dangerous. Edit: also they weren’t NPCs it was Jean, Mona, Amber.

  22. Plus there are studies on how the internet and things like TikTok have, you know, shortened the attention span on the younger generation.

  23. Adding in, not less important than one person admitting their mistake/misunderstanding is a supportive community whos not afraid to say 'yea thats understandable/we've all been there' instead of pouncing in with 'lmao illiterate dumbass'

  24. I work at a animal shelter in colorado. They hired a firm, did the assessment, and just informed us that the new minimum wage is being raised to $20 (for new hires, more for those who have been around longer and on a scale reflecting tenure) there is a new 3 week paid sabbatical program, and a lot of added support.

  25. Man I bet that was a relief. Working in an animal shelter sounds like something I’d be passionate about but couldn’t survive off of here, as they pay shit in my location (rural af)

  26. The other day she was slammed by dehydration so now she’s pounding the water 😂 do you think she got a thesaurus for Christmas

  27. Or is thinking about all the sex she isn’t having (maybe she’s asexual if so ignore me)

  28. There is not one word in the link you provided that you can sue over the 1935 law, referred to as The Wagner Act, all you can do is file a complaint with the NLRB. But, I wish you luck, really, I have been fighting company's that fuck workers for 38 years. It's an up hill battle, which you may find out if your in the fight.

  29. Stop moving the goal posts. Your original comment was telling someone you can’t sue for being fired over discussing pay, and you most certainly can. I sent multiple links.

  30. why don't you try googling people who have got settlements from getting fired and suing for discussing pay. As a follower of this sub, you see how often this happens. So lets see some of these people who were able to sue and win. Should be a ton of them out there. Not a single link you posted said you could sue, only that it was illegal. Which we agree on, but what your options are we don't. I'll be waiting on those who won.

  31. Dude. One of the titles of my links is “can I sue” and the entire article is about how you can. You keep moving the goal posts when that was never my argument. And it wasn’t yours until now. You never said “you won’t win” you said “you can’t sue”. I’m not digging through a bunch of wrongful termination settlements to meet your newest goal post that I never had any interest in arguing over to begin with, because you didn’t even bring it up until just now. Goal post moving is just the easiest way to feel like you “win” by continuing to throw out new points that weren’t your original point. It’s a lousy way to argue and you have yet to even return the favor with links talking about how you CANT sue.

  32. New York City Subways and Buses Call the Hate Crimes Task Force at 888-392-3644 (Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.) Text "HATE" to 81336. You can include photos with your message. In subway stations, you can also use a Help Point intercom.

  33. You forgot the part where no one did a thing to intervene until she grabbed at her attacker, then everyone jumped in to pry them apart.

  34. Its got the best content. Most memes on here come from there. Including the one we're talking about

  35. We get a lot of Tumblr, Tiktok, hell even FB or just copies of other Reddit posts. And a lot of Twitter “original text posts” I’ve seen are ones I saw on Tumblr 4 years ago

  36. I gave up on her. I come after school, then work, with like an hour to play. I'm not fucking spending that time artifact grinding when I can just use Hu Tao for like a third of the investment.

  37. I wish I had rolled for her. 😭 Or rolled for Ganyu. But I started during Hu Tao rerun, I was surprised to see Xiao again before another run of Hu Tao because iirc wasn’t Xiao like earlier this year? I love Xiao’s character but his English VA sounds like a sixteen year old boy role playing a centuries old, brooding vampire

  38. Tip: I find it easier to smash down water quickly if it isn’t ice cold. I can guzzle a bottle of barely chilled water in seconds but I have to sip at cold water.

  39. I think there is something to it. It’s kinda like how someone yesterday was saying dani uses full words instead of contractions when she lies. Her verbiage has always made me uncomfortable. Her body is also smart, it’s clever, it’s CONNIVING. 🙄

  40. Been a long while since I played, but dang if you didn’t pick one of the most predatory games I’ve ever played. There’s literally no way to keep up with your clan. I had spent at least $100 total and was a 3 star while everyone else was hitting plasma.

  41. You will only get demonetized if you break youtube TOS and if you are not meeting the ypp requirements, us creators need to maintain 4K watch hours for 365 days and 1K subscribers, those are really easy to get

  42. Don’t have it on hand, but I had gotten an email about it way back when.

  43. hoyoverse did every single Inazuma 4 star dirty. None of them are ""meta"" and all feel so bad to play, except for Sayu's roll, which even then gets stuck a lot. Which sucks a lot because they have amazing designs and beautiful animations, but the balance team just went "nope, ur not getting used ever lolz"

  44. My guess is it's to prevent people reverse engineering it

  45. I wonder what her plan is for when when the GES results are inevitably not what she wants. Every time shes had it done her gastroparesis has been mild at worst for solids and fine for liquids so i dont know why she thinks she can fool people. Mistake number one on her part if shes trying to lie her way into getting ass pats and whatnot is constantly showing actual results and notes from doctors. Cant really lie when you're showing the proof.

  46. Now there are people commenting on her tik tok saying they came there directly from here 🫣. She’s also started deleting comments.

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