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FBI Sought Top Secret Nuclear Documents in Search - Washington Post

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  1. I had the same thought, and personally I like when the stairs are closed. I don’t know the proper terminology. Theres something about the possibility of getting your foot or leg stuck in the openings that freaks me out

  2. Absolutely—not to mention the plausibility of a monster grabbing your ankles. (Legit fear I had when growing up)

  3. And after years of litigation on this issue, it has taken J&J this long to stop manufacturing this product?

  4. That surprises me also. In truth, J&J is a company that has done magnanimous work that has benefited the world over in countless ways throughout their 130+ years. Their credo (or mantra they do business by) is inspiring for all businesses, esp considering how old as it is. They’re constantly voted one of the best places to work at. But they took this long to discontinue talc?! Wow.

  5. 5 years in prison per document, more if he tried to sell them.

  6. Would anyone actually be surprised if he was trying to sell them?

  7. I’ve been going to this high school for seven and a half years! I’m no dummy!

  8. Before this scene where she’s possessed and calling out the cards, this woman is attacked (raped) by the woods. I recall this assault scene being absolutely terrifying and upsetting.

  9. Iran just admitted that it's military is completely riddled with Israeli spies, so if the US wants him dead in Iran, he's dead.

  10. As much as the world wants him dead, I think most would like to see him tried for his lifetime of heinous atrocities and then executed.

  11. Isn’t there still a very narrow sliver of international water btw Kaliningrad & mainland Russia they can navigate? It may be costly and inconvenient, but still there.

  12. ESH. I get that you’re upset, but pressing charges is extreme. You’re really going to throw the book at your gf of 3 yrs, who has cancer, because she cut your hair? Cmon man that’s just sad. I’m sure what you’re going through is peanuts compared to her news of cancer. You 100% will not get fired from your job for having a shaved head and if you said you did it in support you would probably get praised. It’s not like you have a pink and green Mohawk. I can understand being upset, maybe even breaking up, but pressing charges? For real? What is wrong with you? I’d love to see how this goes down at the police station.

  13. All these are similar, with a horizontal crossbar & rounded eye

  14. Make a grid, turn on snapping, then create a ton of triangles. Shade them. Then put a cat mask over the top.

  15. This is the way. Your outer shape (cat, chameleon, whatever) and the faceted gradient have no relation—you just need to make the geometric pattern (which, in this case, is triangles) and then fill each facet with your colors. The outer shape can be a clipping mask after the faceted gradient has been constructed. To make the colors, you can use the cat as a jumping-off point... otherwise, create (or find online) a gradient you like and convert it to raster image (aka pixels) if it isn't already. Select and lock that image or place it on its own locked layer under your geometric pattern layer—the facets can have a stroke but no fill. Select the eyedropper tool and have at it, one facet at a time. When you're done, you'll have a faceted gradient. Group your gradient, place your chameleon on top and make a clipping mask. Done.

  16. ngl -- was really hoping this video was going to end with a Molotov being thrown their way.

  17. I’ve seen happen plenty of times (in Brooklyn) when there’s a larger production such as a film shoot. Usually they’ll put posts on the block 3-5 days before they need cars cleared. They’ll designate this on several adjacent blocks. Any cars that are still there after the posted time will be towed, at the production company’s expense, to one of the adjacent blocks and placed into legal spots. They’ll inform the city so you won’t think you car has been stolen.

  18. That’s actually kinda cool. That they just tow the car to a different space and inform the owner. Better than being towed to an impound lot. And they pay for moving your car!

  19. It is cool, except they don’t inform you directly, but they inform the city/police. You can definitely have one of those “oh shit” panic moments when you come looking for your car and only learn where it is after calling 911 to report it stolen. In nyc, different neighborhoods have Alternate Side Parking once or several times a week at scheduled times to facilitate street cleaning and it’s often suspended for holidays or due to weather. So it’s not unheard of to park your car—and you think its sitting in a legal spot for a couple weeks—only to learn it was moved during that time to a spot where the ASP had since passed & you were ticketed as a result. Parking in the city sucks.

  20. A Congolese man looking at the severed hand and foot of his five-year-old daughter who was killed, and allegedly cannibalized, by the members of Anglo-Belgian India Rubber Company militia.

  21. As a parent of a toddler, I'm beyond horrified. Time to step away from the internet now and go cry into a pillow. This is just brutal.

  22. Heroic warship Admiral Makarov promoted to submarine

  23. Heroic warship Admiral Makarov promoted to submarine

  24. Extremely unconfirmed but this popped up recently:

  25. I love seeing the work of a confident bridge saboteur. 💙💛 Mind fuck galore.

  26. Yesterday, I saw a video of Yankee asking to meet Angelina Jolie -- now this today. Is he the new PR face?

  27. If we are reading it, then it likely occurred days ago. Reddit isn’t a reliable OSINT source. It’s all dated, the western IC is not incompetent.

  28. I agree with your statement, however, by so openly announcing the specifics of arms transport, isn't this making a target for future shipments? I'd be perfectly fine with "...arrived at an undisclosed location near the UA border"

  29. We all understand that NATO territory is ghoul -- and RU can't do shit there, but there are only so many roads + trains into UA. By identifying where in PL it is, doesn't the risk of an attack on that (and future) shipments in UA territory dramatically increase? -- esp with the recently increased rhetoric of attacking armaments & supply sources.

  30. There was a diabetic lofi artist that went by the moniker Technicolor (late 90's) -- really good stuff. He named his albums & singles diabetic-themed names — Normal Control Range, A1C, One Touch Test Strip.

  31. For a dumb Westerner, can anyone give context on who This Igor fellow is and what this poll says?

  32. He's the guy who, with Russian backing, set up and trained the militias in the breakaway regions but also has taken credit for starting the war in 2014. Read more about him

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