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  1. Setup the travel router with the same ssid & password as the home network.

  2. This is exactly what I do, it works great with our indoor nest camera that we use in our nursery. Friends or family that we vacation with always comment "somehow whenever you are near, my phone is always connected to wifi. You're like a magician!"

  3. Another great writeup from the Assetnote team!

  4. dbxp says:

    It sounds like you need endpoint management software not a network scanner. Manage Engine offer some of their tools for free but I'm not sure if the free versions will offer the features you want.

  5. Installing Manage Engine products in your environment significantly increases your risk in my experience and opinion.

  6. I have a Unifi Mesh Pro that reaches the back of my yard, also around probably 160ft. If I'm remembering correctly, I get almost full strength on a Pixel 3 and pull 50Mbps on a speed test (gigabit service) to If you have any specific questions let me know.

  7. Rumble is the best modern day tool for this imo:

  8. Careful with that free WiFi homie, easy to mitm at Starbucks.

  9. True for most free wireless networks, but Starbucks implements pretty decent host isolation on their networks IIRC.

  10. I traded away Mixon and received Edelman on October 1st.

  11. I traded him for Chark 3 weeks ago. I'm pretty happy with the trade thus far.

  12. Adams is going to back next week. Was reported to be a minor injury and there was a chance he played this weekend.

  13. I hope he is able to come back and play, but I didn't want to risk him either not coming back, or him coming back in for a single play and reinjuring.

  14. Sorry if my reply wasn’t clear, he’s been declared out for this week but there was a chance he played earlier in the week. Meaning they are optimistic about his injury and the recovery time should be short.

  15. Every morning when my 15 month old gets up and comes running into my office we spend 5 - 10 minutes watching Daisy and Duke videos because he loves animals (we have a mixed breed 1 year old dog and are getting a golden puppy in 2 weeks!). He especially loves when they swim and he does the sign for water or when they are playing with a ball and he yells "BAWL".

  16. Idiocy redaction: didnt read the actual report, its got aws bullshit built in. That most certainly is horrible and insecure and exactly what i would expect.

  17. Hardcoded AWS credentials is kind of a big deal.

  18. Our 11 month old is named Connor James, love yelling "woo, go Connor (I know, I know, it's Conner)!"

  19. Wow, 10 years flew by. Can we have Obama back?

  20. I agree with you. He’s had extra rest too

  21. That's what I was thinking as well. Thanks!

  22. We're on our 3rd "Alfie":

  23. My experience has been quite opposite. I have tried installing Linux on few laptops and almost everytime I had to uninstall it due to excessive heating. I instead used them by installing on Virtual Box.

  24. I've been using Ubuntu on an xps 15 9550 with no issues for a couple of years, including a tb16 dock with dual 4k monitors @ 60hz... Maybe it was the distribution you were using and not the hardware.

  25. Sure, some will be happy to disclose their profiles on various platforms to you (I'm ranked within the top 10 users on two platforms, Project Insecurity is also an exploit development team which consists of other hunters highly-ranked on bounty platforms). As of now we are in the process of still setting up the forums, it's being organized by many high-ranking hunters who feel the same way about the exclusivity problem regarding the currently existing bug bounty forums.

  26. Which two are you top 10 on? I don't see mlt on Bugcrowd top 10.

  27. I'm in top 10 on Openbugbounty, a lesser known platform. I'm also in top 10 on Bugcrowd but I'm not publicly disclosing my profile there. I can send you a private message to show you which account I am (provided you don't be an asshole and show everyone). If you're on Synack I can show you my stats/profile there also (if you're not part of Synack then that's not allowed I'm afraid). As for HackerOne I was prior top 50 but I took a long break and now I'm not even in the top 100 anymore. Feelsbadman.

  28. Still waiting on that private message to show you're in Bugcrowd Top 10 :)

  29. VT doesn't do subdomain enumeration AFAIK.

  30. Why did you use ftp and not just http? Why is it called out of band?

  31. It's called out of band because the contents of the file aren't displayed directly in the response. You have to exfil them via other methods.

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