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  1. pro tip, don't bring pickaxes and other non-fighting tools to boss fights. You may need them to collect resources if you die and can't get to your grave for some reason.

  2. I have 500+ hours in game. WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT OF THIS

  3. That’s a great starter base! Honestly better than great!!!

  4. Yes but now we have special attack on axes so its waaaaay less inconvenient to remove them

  5. In the before times i’d use my pick to get it out 😂🤣

  6. I would put a 2 start seeker solder against bone mass and moder combined and put money on the seeker.

  7. Oh nevermind. I see what you’re saying. I thought you meant the ability. 😂. Im a dumb

  8. That’s one of the most common things we find out. 😙 The FSO can add an attachment/amendment to your paperwork. Definitely follow up with them.

  9. Thanks! My FSO just got back to me and said that when the investigator reaches out for an interview, to just let them know there. Do you know what kinds of things they go over at the interview?

  10. I know more than just the kinds of things, I know the exact things that will be gone over during the interviews….as I am one of the many people that conducts them. lol.

  11. 12 business days. Don’t be that guy. I’ve known people that waited over a year, in a time when there wasn’t a huge backlog, long before Covid. I submitted in August, and had an interview in October. Best to just put it out of your mind until someone contacts you for an interview, and then again until someone contacts you for anything else that is required. Just don’t think about it at all, there is nothing for you to do.

  12. Once upon a time when I started in investigations, (2016) I was being assigned cases that were initiated in 2014… 🤪

  13. There’s a difference between MEPS and your clearance. Just be honest with your interviewer.

  14. Not exactly. The majority of cases I have worked for new recruits have the recruiter fill out the eqip while they fill out the paper copy, and the recruiters send the same paperwork to meps as they send to us. (Meps also tells them to list speeding tickets under $300 and the sf86 says not to…)

  15. True, but maybe if he didn’t dig his legs into the ground he’d be taller 😜

  16. I have a portal that I bring with me at almost all times. I normally name it something like “adventure” or “wandering” and disassemble when I move

  17. I usually leave the name blank for my portable portals so I can plop em down hot.

  18. How did you plan this out so easily? Is there a way to preview multiple items at once?

  19. Yep when you go to click to see Robin's shop over slightly is a magnifier glass click it and it'll show all the items you can have at the bottom are two tabs furniture and interior you can select everything you need between both

  20. Is it crafted on the workbench or in a cauldron?

  21. I would however i don’t want to put too much effort since i don’t want to stay here much longer. I have a maypole location I found :)

  22. Yeah. And the gentrification has my rent going up even though the neighbors suck, and try to destroy everything… And one neighbor is massive, blue, and does not wear clothes… 😔

  23. Awwww. I can no longer get MistlandDream_2 anymore huh? :(

  24. Me… “cool cool cool. Everything is cool” Also me “THEY FIXED THE FISH WOOHOO!”

  25. Seriously though. Very cute. I might make this in my solo world. If i can level the ground… 🤣.

  26. Never tried it but i read forever ago that if you build a chair in the crypt door, you can sit on it and it puts you inside.

  27. I use a hoe and make a tall dirt wall. Looks crummy, but combined with a moat works wonders.

  28. Could always build around the dirt wall for decoration

  29. I started a new world, for an attempt at a permadeath run…. I named the seed HaRdCoRe and everything is so close. It even has a maypole 😍. I am so excited!

  30. i’m so excited. It’s a good location to build a perma base too!

  31. I started on Switch and am legit thinking of buying it on PC also so I can farm pumpkins and re-decorate easier lol

  32. I thought the clay was bad… iron ingots are much worse! Esp when tinkering parts are also needed! Yassss grab a buddy!!

  33. I got so much clay just digging my pumpkin farm in the forgotten lands!

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