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  1. Had a off-topic question but related to op, does anyone know why there currently is a Chartreuse shortage? Really miss being able to pick up a bottle here in Cali and hoping it can get restocked soon.

  2. binny’s told me it was backordered going back to last year. and i had a friend in paris pike around for it w no luck (though i’ve heard it can be found there). that said, a different local place (midwest US) got some bottles of green in recently (i only grabbed one and the rest were gone the next time i stopped by). they also have yellow in stock still. so i’d say keep checking stock online periodically—that’s how i got my bottle a couple months ago

  3. they’re just bulky and heavy enough that i’ve never managed to take them while traveling long distances by plane. really wish i could though and i wouldn’t hesitate otherwise. i’m hopeful the new airpods pros will be good enough on anc that i don’t miss the max too much. but they would really be sweet on overseas flights

  4. i won't buy the 14 pro because of it's weight. that's the only reason. i have an 11 pro and have cursed its weight every day for 3 years. my pinky aches all the time. i'll probably end up buying nothing, waiting another year, hoping the shift to titanium happens. or i might buy a 13 (since the 14 is hardly different)

  5. So you never got used to it? I’m giving myself a week to get used it to, coming from the Mini. After 24 hours I do love what this phone can do, but my hand and wrist physically ache.

  6. never. i thought i would get stronger and/or that the pain would reduce/subside. but it never has. if i never used it one-handed I would be ok (as I wouldn't be doing the pinky shelf thing) but that's just not how i use my phone. i want one-handed use.

  7. the big sites hate browser extensions, hate the idea of users having any agency over their experience. apps put all the power in the hands of the corp.

  8. liqueur as well, both for the "drink for dessert" Espresso Vodka Martini, and the occasional splash in something else.

  9. I have a good set of amaros on hand (cynar, meletti, averna, montenegro, cocci vermouth amaro, aperol, campari, suze). i've settled on cocci sweet vermouth over the others. i don't drink dry vermouth much so haven't identified a fave.

  10. love: helping a student really figure out what they want and how to get there

  11. welcome to the path. gimlet is still my best foundation on which to tinker. try an eastside next!

  12. YT Premium is so worth it to me, one of the better buys in subscriptions. I am always happy to pay for no ads, and I won't watch otherwise.

  13. A local distillery in MN makes two liqueurs, Yellowstone and Olympia, their take on yellow and green chartreuse. Norseman distillery if anyone is interested. I haven’t done a side by side, I believe they are a bit sweeter, but I have had a cocktail with both and the essence is still there. I’ll have to grab some to do a comparison, if no one else has yet.

  14. Huh…anyone knows what’s behind this?

  15. dunno but maybe they should share the recipe with more than 3 monks? at least 6? :)

  16. Campari gets replaced by Aperol, Cynar, other amari. Been meaning to try that Luxardo bitter rosso.

  17. wow, right? it’s a lot sweeter than i expected. and viscous.

  18. I had this issue today and only thing that worked was restarting the appletv remote. Press and hold the TV Control (Home) and Volume down buttons for 5 seconds. Wait until remote is back on and volume was working again.

  19. thank you! just ran into this myself. tried restarting apple tv but the remote. fixed now

  20. could be high because of supply issues. it’s mostly hard to find in US, has been on backorder for many going on a year

  21. try an americano w campari and cocci vermouth. i found that the specific vermouth makes a big difference. if that’s drinkable, drink a few over a week or two and then try a negroni again. for me that changed campari from undrinkable to fabulous for me

  22. My first one was terrible. Hated it. But because so many talked about it lovingly and as an acquired taste, I decided to keep exploring. Next I drank a bunch of Americanos (which I did like at first), varying the vermouth several times (Cocci, Carpano, Dolin, and, sadly, Martini). That led me to Cocci as my fave vermouth. Finally I tried a Negroni w/ Cocci, Beefeater, and Campari and couldn't believe how much I liked it. It was like a completely different drink than the first one I'd tried a month or two earlier. Now I want one several times/week.

  23. i have some Select in my next order cart. haven't tried punt e mes yet ... will have to get some

  24. I get that, and ordinarily I would agree, but I don't think the University is in a position to do that. What you're talking about is a massive investment of time and resources that should be undertaken by the city of Champaign and the local government; I'm not even sure that the school has the power and wherewithal to make something like this happen. Fact is, the university needs to do what it can do, and right now, I think that's hiring more cops.

  25. the university has way more power and resources than the cities. it also has the research. they could all partner to come up w, fund, and implement a different fix than more police and bigger jails. we know where that goes, and it doesn’t solve the root problems.

  26. Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

  27. great vid. would have liked to have seen the bottles or have the brands in the text

  28. I’ve heard the same. Depends where you live.

  29. a friend of mine was just in paris and couldn't find it there either

  30. I can find both green and yellow in Washington DC.

  31. interesting. i tried for weeks to get some in june. was told by many sellers it’s been on backorder forever.

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